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p. 53


The Shun Chih Pên Pên; allusive. Against Hsüan Chiang and Chao Po, as worse than beasts.

1How bold the quails together rush,
  Each fighting for his mate!
How strong the magpies, battling fierce
  Upon the same debate!
This man, without a trait that's good,
  Is stained by vicious crime;
Yet him as brother I regard:—
  Alas! woe worth the time!

2How strong the magpies, battling fierce,
  Each one to keep his mate!
How fierce the quails together rush,
  Upon the same debate!
This woman, with no trait that's good,
  Is stained by vicious crime,
Yet her I hail as marchioness:—
  Alas! woe worth the time!

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