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p. 26


The Lü I, metaphorical and allusive. The complaint, sad but resigned, of a neglected wife.

1When the upper robe is green,
With a yellow lining seen,
There we have a certain token
Right is wronged and order broken.
How can sorrow from my heart
In a case like this depart?

2Color green the robe displays;
Lower garment yellow's blaze.
Thus it is that favorite mean
In the place of wife is seen.
Vain the conflict with my grief;
Memory denies relief.

3Yes, ’twas you the green who dyed,
You who fed the favorite's pride.
Anger rises in my heart,
Pierces it as with a dart.
But on ancient rules lean I,
Lest to wrong my thoughts should fly. p. 27

4Fine or coarse, if thin the dress,
Cold winds always cause distress.
Hard my lot, my sorrow deep,
But my thoughts in check I keep.
Ancient story brings to mind
Sufferers who were resigned.

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