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The Ko T‘an; narrative. Celebrating the industry and dutifulness of King Wên's queen.

1Sweet was the scene. The spreading dolichos
Extended far, down to the valley's depths,
With leaves luxuriant. The orioles
Fluttered around, and on the bushy trees p. 3
In throngs collected,—whence their pleasant notes
Resounded far in richest melody.

2The spreading dolichos extended far,
Covering the valley's sides, down to its depths,
With leaves luxuriant and dense. I cut
It down, then boiled, and from the fibers span
Of cloth, both fine and coarse, large store,
To wear, unwearied of such simple dress.

3Now back to my old home, my parents dear
To see, I go. The matron I have told,
Who will announcement make. Meanwhile my clothes,
My private clothes I wash, and rinse my robes.
Which of them need be rinsed? and which need not?
My parents dear to visit, back I go.

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