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Title List: Y

The Yajur Veda (Taittiriya Sanhita) Arthur Berriedale Keith [1914, 1847-50]
Yana Texts Edward Sapir [1910, 1847-50]
Yang Chu's Garden of Pleasure Anton Forke [1912, 1847-50]
Yaqui Myths and Legends Ruth Warner Giddings [1959, 1847-50]
The Yatkar-i-Zariran or Memoirs of Zarir [1847-50]
The Yellow Fairy Book Andrew Lang [1894, 1847-50]
The Yengishiki or Shinto Rituals [1847-50]
Yin Chih Wen, The Tract of the Quiet Way Teitaro Suzuki, Paul Carus [1906, 1847-50]
Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness A. P. Mukerji, William Walker Atkinson [1911, 1847-50]
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Charles Johnston, Patanjali [1912, 1847-50]
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali [1847-50]
Yoga Vashisht or Heaven Found Rishi Singh Gherwal [1930, 1847-50]
Yoruba Legends M. I. Ogumefu [1929]
The Yoruba Speaking Peoples A.B. Ellis [1894]
Young's Literal Translation Robert Young [1862]
Your Forces and How to Use Them Christian D. Larson [1912, 1847-50]
Your Word Is Your Wand Florence Scovel Shinn [1928, 1847-50]
Yucatan Before and After the Conquest Diego de Landa, William Gates [1937, 1847-50]
Yukara, epos of the Ainus Kiyoko Miura [1847-50]

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