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This is an automatically generated searchable catalog of all electronic texts at It currently indexes over 1,200 separate books at this site. It does not include links to the copyrighted collections, in particular, the Internet Book of Shadows, the Zen and Tibetan files and the UFO files. Most of the works in this catalog are public domain in the US. However, the fact that a book is listed in this catalog is no indication of its copyright status, or lack thereof: some copyrighted items are listed here, and some files based on public domain material have specific restrictions on reuse. For more information on copyrights, please refer to the site Terms of Service and Copyright pages.

If you notice anything at this site that hasn't been cataloged here but should, please feel free to contact us. (If so, please indicate which file you think should be cataloged by specifying its URL: there are tens of thousands of files at the site and we may or may not be able to guess which one you are referring to).

The catalog has two kinds of listings. The first three sections are alphabetical lists of keywords from each title, author and subject listing. If you only know the first name of an author, or a couple of words from the title, or want to find a books on a particular topic which doesn't have an index page at this site (e.g. fairies, mysticism, poetry, etc.), you can look it up here. The keywords are split at white space and punctuation, so occasionally there are fragmentary entries in this section. We have also excluded a few common words such as 'the,' 'and,' and 'this.'

The last two sections are alphabetical lists of titles and authors. The titles are collated without initial articles, and the authors are collated last name first. This will be useful if you know the last name of an author, want to find all books by a particular author at the site, or know the exact title of a book.

Note that the subject keywords are extracted from data manually supplied by the etext preparer. It is not a comprehensive listing of keywords, nor is it a full-text index of the site. To search the full text of the site, you will need to use the search page, (or the box at the upper right hand corner of this page).

The term 'Author' here, for convenience, includes principal authors, translators, illustrators, editors, pseudonyms and authors of prefaces, etc. Please refer to the specific linked book for complete bibliographic information.

NOTES ON CATALOG SEARCH: The catalog search is case insensitive. The results show hits for all words (technically an 'OR' search) in the left hand column, and only matches for all words (an 'AND' search) in the right hand column. A short list of common words such as 'the' and 'and' are skipped.