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Head of Buddha (Wikimedia)

The Buddha's Way of Virtue

by W.D.C Wagiswara and K.J. Saunders


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This is a translation of the Dhammapada, one of the central sacred texts of Buddhism. This primary document embodies key concepts of Buddhism expressed in simple parables and metaphors. This clarity has led to it being one of the most popular of all Buddhist documents. This is part of the Wisdom of the East series.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Editorial Note
§ I: The Twin Truths
§ II: Zeal
§ III: The Mind
§ IV: Flowers
§ V: The Fool
§ VI The Wise Man
§ VII: The Arahat
§ VIII: The Thousands
§ IX: Vice
§ X: Punishment
§ XI: Old Age
§ XII: Self
§ XIII: The World
§ XIV: The Buddha
§ XV Bliss
§ XVI: Affection
§ XVII: Anger
§ XVIII: Sin
§ XIX: The Righteous
§ XX: The Path
§ XXI: Miscellany
§ XXII: Hell
§ XXIII: The Elephant
§ XXIV: Desire
§ XXV: The Bhikkhii
Illustrative Sayings of the Disciples of the Buddha
Appendix: The Buddhist Ideal