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Chinese illustration [19th cent?] (Public Domain Image)

The Path of Light

by L.D. Barnett


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This is a translation of an important treatise of Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhicharyavatara of Santideva, part of the Wisdom of the East Series. It includes a long introduction by the translator, Barnett, who discusses the rise of Mahayana Buddhism, going into some depth about the significance of these doctrines.

Title Page
Editorial Note
Chapter I. The Praise of the Thought of Enlightenment
Chapter II. The Confession of Sin
Chapter III. Taking the Thought of Enlightenment
Chapter IV. Heedfulness in the Thought of Enlightenment
Chapter V. Watchfulness
Chapter VI. The Perfect Long-Suffering
Chapter VII. The Perfect Strength
Chapter VIII. The Perfect Contemplation
Chapter IX. The Perfect Knowledge