I hold aloft the scepter of compassion, the diamond thunderbolt of
 love. Its' five prongs showing the five wisdoms, conquering the five
 passions. I must be worthy to uphold it.
      I hold aloft its' companion, the bell of wisdom, ringing freedom
 throughout the universes. I resolve never to separate from the perfect
 wisdom, to realize I cannot be separate. I will ring the bell
 throughout all worlds, throughout all lives.
      I hold them together to show the non-duality of wisdom and
 compassion, with every fiber of my being, throughout all worlds.
      I receive the bow and arrow, the bow of wisdom of selflessness,
 the arrow of communication, precise teaching, sending out the messages
 of wisdom to all beings. I shoot the arrow of freedom everywhere, in
 all directions, to slay the enemy of ignorance, and cynicism, and
      I receive the wheel of majesty and truth. I vow to turn the wheel,
 to liberate all beings, to preserve their freedoms.
      I hold the gesture of sophisticated understanding, fine
 distinction between good and evil, beauty and ugliness.
      I uphold the book, the teaching of the Buddha Yamantaka, conqueror
 of death. I accept responsibility for the teaching.
      I remind all beings of the ground of freedom and the void.
      I hold in reverence the ornaments of our teacher, His Holiness the
 Dalai Lama, always with us in our hearts.
      The gesture of non-duality, the gesture of offering.
      I receive the radiant wish-fulfilling jewel, to uphold the
 teachings of the jewel clan of the Buddhas.
      I receive the vajra of the vajra clan.
      My hands are dancing gods and goddesses of worship.
      I receive the lotus of the lotus clan.
      I touch the earth.
      I uphold my vajra scepter and bell.
      I uphold the sword of the sword clan, turning envy into all
 accomplishing wisdom and its' teachings.