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Vidyodaya College,    
Colombo, 7th July, 1881.

I hereby certify that I have carefully examined the Sinhalese version of the catechism prepared by Colonel H. S. Olcott, and that the same is in agreement with the Canon of the Southern Buddhist Church. I recommend the work to teachers in Buddhist schools, and to all others who may wish to impart information to beginners about the essential features of our religion.

H. Sumangala,
High Priest of the Sripada & Galle, and Principal of the Vidyodaya Parivena.



Vidyodaya College,    
April 7th, 1897.

I have gone over the thirty-third (English) edition of the catechism, with the help of interpreters, and. confirm my recommendation for its use in Buddhist schools.


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