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1. Now at that time a Bhikkhunî, a pupil of the Bhikkhunî Uppalavannâ, followed the Blessed One for seven years, learning the Vinaya; but she, being forgetful, lost it as fast as she received it. And that Bhikkhunî heard that the Blessed One was about to go to Sâvatthi. Then she thought: 'For seven years have I followed the Blessed One, learning the Vinaya; and, being forgetful, I have lost it as fast as I received it. Hard is it for a woman to follow the Blessed One her life long. What now shall I do?'

And that Bhikkhunî told this matter to the Bhikkhunîs, and they told it to the Bhikkhus, and the Bhikkhus told it to the Blessed One.

'I allow Bhikkhus, O Bhikkhus, to teach the Vinaya to Bhikkhunîs.'


Here ends the First Portion for Recitation.



334:1 Ropetum, on which Buddhaghosa says: Tagganiyâdisu imam nâma kammam etissâ kâtabban ti evam ropetvâ.

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