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p. 400


1. Now at that time the venerable Udâyi had committed an offence--the first Samghâdisesa--which he had for one day concealed.

He told the Bhikkhus (&c., as before).

They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'Then, O Bhikkhus, let the Samgha impose a probation of one day on Udâyi the Bhikkhu for an offence (&c., as in the first paragraph of this section down to) concealed.

2. 'Now thus, O Bhikkhus, ought it to be imposed--.'

[Here follows the kammavâkâ precisely as in chapter 1, §§ 2 and 3, with the necessary changes in the wording, a. of the offence, b. of the penalty.]

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