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I. On clansmen, to which reference is so often made in the Chronicles (clansman's family=kulageha), see Rhys Davids, Buddhist India, 17-22. 'Treasurer' or 'merchant' stands for seṭṭhi, a leading commoner, head (seṭṭhi=chief) of a guild, and often treasurer to a King.

II. On the co-existing customs of cremation and exposure of the dead, to which the Psalms testify, see Rhys Davids, Buddhist India, 78 ſ.

III. In the note on p. 66, reference should have been made to the Viticcha-jātaka, No. 244, in the second volume of the Jātaka. Here the Buddha himself asks the question, Ekaŋ nāma kiŋ? whereupon the itinerant debater runs away! The birth-story is then told, the question being contra the theory of the Ding-an-sich.


In verse 72, where Professors Pischel and E. Müller have read

... aññā samatimaññi 'haŋ,
I now incline, with the Commentary, to read
aññāsam atimaññi 'haŋ,
and would amend the English thus:
Filled with the pride of my youth, I scorned and despised other women.

Again, in verse 74, a truer rendering would be:

Manifold wiles I wrought, mocking with insolent laughter.

And in verse 76, for 'calm' read 'cool.'

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