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1. Threshing Rice in Bandipur, Kashmir. The girl is using the mortar, or musala (cf. p. 25). (Photographed by Mrs. Arthur Schuster) To face p. 14
2. Site of Old Rājagaha, with the Gijjhakūṭi (Vulture Peak) Range, from Bāngangā Hill. (From a photograph sent by J. H. Marshall, Esq., Director General of Archæology, Simla) To face p. 28
3. Site of 'New' Rājagaha, built by King Bimbisāra, one mile from Old Rājagaha To face p. 42
4. On the Summit of Vulture's Peak (Gijjhakūṭi, or Gṛidhrakūṭa). (Both 3 and 4 were also sent for this work by Mr. J. H. Marshall) To face p. 66

'Lo! ask thyself again whence came thy son.
To bide on earth this little breathing space?'
The 'Vierge Consolatrice,' by W. A. Bouguereau.

To face p. 78
6. Recent Excavations at Sahēṭh-Mahēṭh in Oudh, believed to be Sāvaṭṭhī, or Śrāvastī. In the Jeta-Vana, now called Sahēṭh. (Sent by J. H. Marshall, Esq.) To face p. 110

'But the Exalted Buddha now doth preach
Along the banks of the Nerañjarā.'
Scene on the Phalgu at Gayā (the river is the ancient Nerañjarā, if not everywhere in the ancient channel.) (From a photograph by Messrs. Johnston and Hoffmann, Calcutta, sent by my brother, C. W. Foley)

To face p. 134
8. 'Sweet overhead is the sough of the blossoming crests of the forest
Swayed by the wind-gods.'
Forest Glade in North India. (Reproduced by the kindness of Messrs. Thacker, Spink and Co., Calcutta, from 'Cyclopedia of India,' vol. i.)
To face p. 150

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