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The Jataka, Vol. IV, tr. by W.H.D. Rouse, [1901], at

p. xiii



9 No. 154, line 3. Fick (Sociale Gliederung zu Buddha's Zeit) would render seṇibandham a "guild quarrel."

12 At a sneeze, a Hindu in the N. W. Provinces will still say, "May you live a hundred years." North Indian Notes and Queries, iv. 388.

104 For the first stanza compare Dhammapada, p. 146.

167 For the second and third stanzas compare Dhammapada, p. 149.

207 A Russian variant of the Gāmaṇicaṇḍa Birth is given in Prof. S. Oldenburg's Review of volume I. of the present translation: (Журналъ Министерства Народнаго Просвѣщенія) 1896, pp. 47 foll.

251 I have to thank Fick (Soc. Glied. p. 87 note) for a correction of the list of righteous persons, which should run thus; "…younger brother (who was) viceroy, brahmin family priest, courtier-charioteer, treasurer, noble master of the granaries, porter, slave-girl courtesan."

257 Fick explains the rajjugāhakaamacco as a kind of royal surveyor for tax purposes, which suits the context.

The rajju will be his chain, symbol of office (Soc. Glied. 7 note).


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Page 125, line 26, for Teacher read Being.

Page 256, line 4 from foot, read Anuruddha.

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