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Five Játakas

translated by V. Fausböll

[Copenhagen, 1861]

The original edition of this book contains ten Jâtakas in Romanized Pâli and extensive philological notes with the translations. All of this apparatus has been removed, leaving about fifteen pages of translated material. This transcription is also unicode-enabled, employing the characters ḍ (d-dot-under), ḷ (l-dot-under), ṁ (m-dot-over), ṇ (n-dot-under), and ṭ (t-dot-under). For Windows browsers that are unicode-compliant, the massive Arial Unicode MS Font and the Code200 shareware font will both display these characters properly if they are not visible to you now.

NOTE: The Microsoft font mentioned above is no longer available. For information about Unicode fonts, and general issues related to the use of Unicode at sacred-texts, please refer to this page.--JBH

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Title Page
II, 4, 6. The Dadhiváhana-Birth.
II, 7, 1. The Somadatta-Birth.
IV, 1, 8. The Javasakuna-Birth.
II, 4, 9. The Síhacamma-Birth.
II, 7, 5. The Kacchapa-Birth.