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Dialogues of the Buddha

{The Dîgha-Nikâya}


These books were originally part of the series "Sacred Books of the Buddhists", which, (exactly) like the "Sacred Books of the East" was "translated by various oriental scholars and edited by F. Max Müller". These were published in 1899 "under the patronage of His Majesty King Chulalankarana, King of Siam".

For the most part, I have used the transcription standards established for the Sacred Books of the East at, including an underlined n to represent n-dot-over. Underlined vowels represent vowels with line-over and umlauts (in Indian words only) represent the 'short' diacritic (neither of these two occur very often in these books). Also, the % sign is used in the text to represent a large checkmark (or square root sign) before an Indian word root. All other diacritics and italicized letters appear exactly as they do in the text (excepting scanning errors not fixed, of course). Because of the large number of square brackets used in this text, all footnotes are enclosed in curly braces instead. The pagination of the Pâli edition of The Tevigga Sutta (No. XIII) was not included in the original edition; I have supplied it from The Long Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Dîgha Nikâya translated and edited by Maurice Walshe.

I have provided links to most of the internal references (and some to other books at as well); the colors of the links are to help them stand out when they are in small font in the footnotes. As of now, only the first (of three) volumes are included, so some of the links are broken, but these will work as soon as the rest of the books are finished.

This book was scanned, proofread, and formatted by Christopher M. Weimer, March 2002. All HTML content is copyright and freely distributable for noncommercial use without the expressed consent of the author.

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