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p. 421


Translated from the Milindapañha (7623).

   Said the king, "Bhante Nâgasena, what is the difference between one who has passion and one who is free from passion?"

   "Your majesty, the one clings, the other does not cling."

   "Bhante, what do you mean by 'clings' and 'does not cling'?"

   "Your majesty, the one covets, the other does not covet."

   "Bhante, this is the way I look at the matter: both he who has passion and he who is free from passion have the same wish, that his food, whether hard or soft, should be good; neither wishes for what is bad."

   "Your majesty, he that is not free from passion experiences both the taste of that food, and also passion due to that taste; while he who is free from passion experiences the taste of that food, but no passion due to that taste."

   "You are an able man, bhante Nâgasena."

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