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p. 330

§ 70. WISDOM.

§ 70 a.--Translated from the Visuddhi-Magga (chap. xiv.).

   What is Wisdom? Wisdom is manifold and various, and an answer that attempted to be exhaustive would both fail of its purpose and tend to still greater confusion. Therefore we will confine ourselves to the meaning here intended,-- Wisdom is knowledge consisting in insight and conjoined with meritorious thoughts.


§ 70 b.--Translated from the Anguttara-Nikâya (iii.88).

   And what, O priests, is the discipline in elevated wisdom?

   Whenever, O priests, a priest knows the truth concerning misery, knows the truth concerning the origin of misery, knows the truth concerning the cessation of misery, knows the truth concerning the path leading to the cessation of misery, this, O priests, is called the discipline in elevated wisdom.


§ 70 c.--Translated from the Anguttara-Nikâya (ii.310).

   What advantage, O priests, is gained by training in insight? Wisdom is developed. And what advantage is gained by the development of wisdom? Ignorance is abandoned.

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