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THE following register gives the full title of all notable publications on Buddhism, including memoirs contained in periodicals, as well as separate works. The literature of the various languages of Europe is so vast that I dare not hope that this list is sufficiently detailed and complete. But I may be allowed at least to add, as an apology for my compilation, that I was not aided by a previous enumeration of this kind.

For official assistance I am particularly indebted to the director of the Royal and State Library at Munich, Professor Halm.

An arrangement of the literature in reference to the principal objects is easily found in the "Index," where the respective publications are added to the other details.

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(The words in brackets are the abbreviations I use.)

ABHANDLUNGEN der königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Up to 1860. (Abh. d. Berl. Akad.)

ARBEITEN der russischen Mission in Peking. Deutsche Uebersetzung von Abel und Mecklenburg. Berlin, 1858. Vols. I., II. (Arb. d. russ. Mission.)

ARCHIV für die wissenschaftliche Kunde von Russland, von Erman. Vols. I. to XX. (Erman's Archiv.)

ASIATIC RESEARCHES, or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal. Calcutta. Vols. I. to XX. The octavo edition is distinguished by 8º. (As. Res.)

BULLETIN scientifique publié par l'Académie des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. Vols. I. to X. (Bull. Be. St. Pétersb. Acad.)

BULLETIN de la classe historico-philologique de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. Vols. I. to XIV. (Bull. hist.-phil. St. Pétersb.)

BULLETIN de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. Vols. I. to V. (Bull. St. Pétersb. Acad.)

CHINESE REPOSITORY. Canton. Vol. III. (Chin. Rep.)

DENKSCHRIFTEN der k. k. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. (Denkschr. d. Wien. Akad.)

GLEANINGS IN SCIENCE. Calcutta. Vols. I. to 111. (Glean. in sc.)

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JOURNAL Asiatique, ou Recueil de Mémoires, d'Extraits et de Notices relatifs à l'histoire, à la philosophic, aux sciences, à la litterature et aux langues des peuples orientaux. Vols. I. to V. (Journ. As.)

JOURNAL of the American Oriental Society. New-York. (Journ. Amer. Or. Soc.)

JOURNAL of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vols. I. to XXX. (Journ. As. Soc. Beng.)

JOURNAL of the Bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vols. I. to V. (Journ. Bomb. R. As. Soc.)

JOURNAL of the Ceylon branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Colombo, 1845, 1848, 1850, 1853. (Journ. Ceylon. R. As. Soc.)

JOURNAL of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. Singapore. New series. Vols. I. to III. (Journ. Ind. Arch.)

JOURNAL (also Transactions) of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great-Britain and Ireland. Vols. I. to XIX. (Journ. R. As. Soc.)

JOURNAL des Savants. Paris. From 1820-1856. (Journ. des Sav.)

JOURNAL of the Shanghai Literary Society. (Journ. Shanghai Lit. Soc.).

MADRAS JOURNAL of Literature, and Science. Madras. New Series. Vols. I. to VII. (Madras Journ.)

MÉMOIRES de l'Institut Impérial de France, Académie des Inscriptions. (Mém. de l'Inst. de Françe.)

MÉMOIRES présentés à l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg par divers savants. Vols. I. to VI. (Mém. des sav. étrang. St. Pétersb.)

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MÉMOIRES de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. Série I. to VII. (Mém. de l'Acad. St. Pétersb.)

NOUVEAU JOURNAL ASIATIQUE on Recueil de Mémoires, d'Extraits et de Notices relatifs à l'histoire, à la philosophie aux langues, et à la littérature des peuples orientaux. Paris. 1826-1861. (Nouv. Journ. As.)

TRANSACTIONS of the Literary Society of Bombay. Vols. I. to III. (Trans. Lit. Soc. Bombay.)

ZEITSCHRIFT der deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft. Vols. I. to XI. (Ztschr. d. d. Morg. Ges.)

ZEITSCHRIFT für die Kunde des Morgenlandes. Vols. I. to V. (Ztschr. f. d. K. d. Morg.)


ACKERMANN, B. The history and doctrine of Buddhism. 1829.

ANDERSON, W. An attempt to identify some of the places mentioned in the Itinerary of Hiuan Thsang. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XVI., p. 1183.

See also for other publications on this subject: Cunningham, Müller.

Critic. diss.: Cunningham, Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XVII., Part. I., p. 476; Part. II., p. 13.

BAILEY, E. C. Note on some sculptures found in the district of Peshawur. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XXI., p. 606.

See also on this subject a paper by Jaquet.

BARTHÉLEMY ST. HILAIRE: Sur les travaux de M. Eugène Burnouf. Journ. des Sav., 1852, pp. 473, 561.

----- Du Buddhisme. Paris, 1855.

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BARTHÉLEMY ST. HILAIRE: Le Bouddha et sa religion. Paris, 1860. For critical dissertations by this author see: Burnouf, Foucaux, St. Julien.

BAZIN, M. Recherches sur l'origine, l'histoire et la constitution des ordres religieux dans l'empire chinois. Nouv. Journ. As., V. Série, Vol. VIII. (1856).

BENFEY, TH. Bemerkung zu einer Mittheilung des Megasthenes in Bezug auf Indische Geschichte. Zschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. V., p. 218.

----- Einige Bemerkungen über die Götternamen auf den indoscythischen Münzen. Ztschr. d. d. Morg. Ges, Vol. VIII., p. 450.

BENNET, C. Life of Gaudama, a translation from the Burmese book entitled Ma-la-len-ga-ra Wottoo. Journ. Amer. Or. Soc., Vol. III., pp. 1-165.

BERGMANN: Nomadische Streifereien unter den Kulmücken in den Jahren 1802 u. 1803. 4 Vols. 1805. (Compare also Morris.)

BIGANDET, Legend of the Burmese Budha., called Gaudama. Journ. Ind. Arch., Vol. VI., pp. 278, 499; Vol. VII., p. 159; Vol. VII., pp. 349, 373; Vol. IX., pp. 139, 325, 483.

BIOT. For critical dissertations by this author see Burnouf.

BIRD, J.: Historical Researches on the Origin and Principles of the Buddha and Jaina Religions. Journ. Bombay R. As. Soc., Vol. II., p. 71.

BOCHINGER, J. J.: La vie contemplative, ascetique, et monastique chez les Indous et chez les peuples Bouddhistes. Strasbourg, 1831.

BOEHTLINGK: Rapport sur un mémoir intitulé: "Eine tibetische Lebensbeschreibung Säkjamuni's, des Begründers des Buddhathums," im Auszuge mitgetheilt von A. Schiefner. Bull. hist.-phil. St. Petersb. Vol. V., p. 93.

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BORLEN, P. v.: De Buddhaismi Origine et Actate conscripsit Petrus a Bohlen. Regimont. Pruss., 1827.

----- Das alte Indien, mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Egypten dargestellt. 2 Vols. Königsberg, 1830.

BROCKHAUS, R: Soma Deva, Gründung der Stadt Pätaliputra und Geschichte des Upakosa. Leipzig, 1835.

See also on this subject a paper by Francklin.

BUCHANAN, FR.: On the religion and literature of the Burmas As. Res., 8º. Vol. VI., p. 186.

BURNES, A.: Account of the Jain temples at Mount Ábu in Guzerát. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. II., p. 161.

----- Travels into Bokhara; being an account of a journey from India to Caboul, Tartary and Persia. 2 Vols. 1834.

See also Ephinstone.

BURNEY, H. ST.: Translation of an Inscription in the Burmese language, discovered at Buddha Gaya, in 1833. As. Res., Vol. XX., p. 161.

See also about this town a paper by Kittoe.

Critic. diss.: Lassen, Chr.: Zeitschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. I., p. 108.

----- Discovery of Buddhist Images with Deva-nâgari Inscriptions at Tagoung, the ancient Capital of the Burmese Empire. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. V., p. 157.

Critic. diss.: Lassen, Chr.: Zeitschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. I., p. 228.

BURNOUF, E. (et Ch. Lassen): Essai sur le Päli, ou la Langue sacrée de la presqu'île au-dela du Gange, avec six planches lithographiées. Paris, 1826.

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BURNOUF, E. (et Ch. Lassen): Observations grammaticales sur quelques passages de l'Essai de MM. Burnouf et Lassen. Paris, 1827.

----- Introduction à l'Histoire du Buddhism Indien. Paris, 1844.

Critical diss.: Roer, E.: Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XIV,, Part II., p. 783; Biot: Journ. des Sav., 1845, pp. 233, 257, and 337.

----- Le Lotus de la Bonne Loi, traduit du Sanskrit, accompagné d'un commentaire et de vingt et un mémoires relatifs an Buddhisme. Paris, 1852.

Critical diss.: Barthélemy St. Hilaire: nine articles in Journ. des Sav. 1854 and 1855 (in connexion with Foucaux's Rgya Tcher Rol pa). A. Weber, "Indische Studien," Vol. III., P. 135.

For critical diss. by this author see Rémusat, Upham.

BURT, F. S.: More Dänams from the Sanchi Tope near Bhilsa, taken in impression. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. VII., p. 562.

See also about this tope: Cunningham, Prinsep.

----- A description, with drawings, of the ancient stone pillar at Allahabad, called Bhim ten's Gada or Club, with accompanying copies of four inscriptions engraved in different characters upon its surface. Journ. &c. Vol. III., p. 105.

See also for other papers on this pillar: Hodgson, Mill, Prinsep, Troyer, Turnour.

CALLAWAY, JOHN: Yakkun Nattannawa; A Cingalese Poem descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology, to which is added: The Practices of a Capua or Devil Priest, as described by a Buddhist: and Kolan Nattannawa, a Cingalese Poem, descriptive of the characters assumed by natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade. London, 1829.

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CAMPBELL, A.: Journal of a trip to Síkkim. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XVIII., p. 482.

----- Diary of a Journey through Síkkim to the frontiers of Thibet. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XXI., pp. 407, 477, 563.

CAREY, W.: An account of the funeral ceremonies of a Burman Priest. As. Res., Vol. XII., p. 186.

CARTE, W. K: Notice of Amulets in use by the Trans-Himalayan Boodhists, with remarks by Csoma de Körös. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. IX., Part. II., p. 904.

CATALOGUE des Manuscrits and Xylographies Orientaux de la Bibliotèque Impériale Publique de St. Pétersbourg. 1852.

CHAPMANN, I. I.: Some additional remarks upon the ancient city of Anurâjapura or Anurâdhapura and the Hill Temple at Mehentêlê in the island of Ceylon. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. XIII., p. 164.

CHITTY, S. C.: The sixth Chapter of the Tiruvathavur Purana. Journ. Ceylon R. As. Soc. 1845. No. I., Part. I., p. 63.

COLEBROOKE, H. T.: Observations on the sect of Jains. As. Res.; Vol. IX., p. 287.

CONGREVE, R: A brief account of the ancient Buddhist Sculptures at Masulipatam. Madras Journ., Vol. VI., May 1861, p. 44.

COURT, A.: Further information on the Topes of Manikyâla, being the translation of on extract of a manuscript memoir on ancient Taxila. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. III., p. 556.

----- Note on the brown liquid contained in the cylinders from Manikyâla. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. III., p. 567.

See also for other papers on this tope: Cunningham, Prinsep.

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CRAWFURD, J.: On the ruins of Boro Budor in Java. Trans. Lit. Soc. Bomb., Vol. II., p. 154.

----- History of the Indian Archipelago. Edinburgh, 1820. Vols. I., II., III.

CSOMA DE KÖRÖS: Translation of a Tibetan fragment, with remarks by H. H. Wilson. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. I., p. 269.

----- Geographical notice of Tibet. Journ. &c., Vol. I., p. 121.

----- Note on the origin of the Kâla-Chakra, and Adi-Buddha Systems. Journ. &c., Vol. II., p. 57.

----- Translation of a Tibetan passport. Journ. &c., Vol. II., p. 201.

----- Origin of the Shâkya race, translated from the La, or the 26th volume of the mDo class in the Kah-gyur, commencing at the 161st leaf. Journ. &c., Vol. II., p. 385.

----- Extracts from Tibetan works. Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 57.

----- Analysis of a Tibetan Medical Work. Journ. &c., Vol. IV., P. 1.

----- Notices on the different systems of Buddhism extracted from the Tibetan authorities. Journ. &c., Vol. VII., Part. I., p. 142.

Critical diss.: Zeitschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. IV.

----- Enumeration of Historical and Grammatical works to be met with in Tibet. Journ. &c., Vol. VIII., p, 147.

Critical diss.: Zeitschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. IV.

----- Remarks on the "Notice of amulets in use by the Trans-Himálayan Boodhists by W. E. Carte." Journ. &c., Vol. IX., Part. II., p. 905.


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CSOMA DE KÖRÖS: Interpretation of the Tibetan inscription on a Bhotian banner, taken in Assam. Journ. &c., Vol. V., p. 264.

----- Translation of a Tibetan sloka found on a white piece of China scarf. Journ. &c., Vol. V., p. 384.

----- Analysis of the Tibetan work entitled the Kah-gyur. As. Res., Vol. XX., pp. 41, 393.

----- Abstract of the contents of the Bstan-hgyur. As. Res., Vol. XX., p. 553.

----- Notices on the life of Shâkya. As. Res., Vol. XX., p. 285.

----- A Grammar of the Tibetan language, in English. Calcutta, 1834.

----- Essay towards a Dictionary, Tibetan and English. Calcutta, 1834.

----- A brief notice of the Subhâshita Ratna Nidhi of Saskya Pandita. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XXIV., p. 141; Vol. XXV., p. 257.

CUNNINGHAM, A.: Correction of a mistake regarding some of the Roman coins found in the Tope of Manikyâla opened by M. Court, Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 635.

See also for other papers on this tope: Court, Prinsep.

----- An account of the Discovery of the Ruins of the Buddhist City of Samkassa. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. VII., p. 241.

----- Opening of the Topes, or Buddhist Monuments, of Central India. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. XIII., p. 108.

----- The Bhilsa Topes, or Buddhist monuments, of Central India. London, 1854.

----- Ladák, physical, statistical, and historical; with notices of the surrounding countries. London, 1854.

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CUNNINGHAM, A.: Verification of the Itinerary of Hivan Thsang through Afghanistan and India, through the first half of the 7th. century. Journ. &c., Vol. XVII., Part. II., p. 13.

----- Verification of the Itinerary of Hivan Thsang through Ariana and India, with reference to Major Anderson's hypothesis of its modern compilation. Journ. &c., Vol. XVII., Part I., p. 476.

See also, the paper of Müller.

Satraps, with Greek inscriptions. Journ. &c., Vol. XXIII., p. 679.

----- An Essay on the Arian order of Architecture as established in the Temples of Kashmir. Journ. &c., Vol. XVII., Part II., p. 274.

DAVIS: China and the Chinese. German edition by Drugulin. Stuttgart, 1852.

DEBRAUTERAYES: Recherches sur la Religion de Fo, professée par les Bonzes Ho-chang de la Chine. Journ. As. 1825, pp. 150, 228, 311; 1826, pp. 40, 74, 179, 219.

ECKSTEIN, Baron X: Théologie et Philosophie booddhiques, comparées à celles des Vêdantins. (In the article, entitled: "Narasinha Oupanichat"). Nouv. Journ. As. 3e série, Vol. II. (1836), p. 470.

A critical review is noticed under Julien.

EDKINS, E.: Translation of a Shastra Buddhist. Journ. Shanghai Lit. Soc., 1858. No. 1. (See also Wilson).

----- Notes of a Correspondence with Sir John Bowring on Buddhist literature in China, by Prof. Wilson. With Notice of Chinese Buddhist works translated from the Sanskrit. Journ. R. As.. Soc., Vol. XVI., p. 316.

ELPHINSTONE, M.: An account of the kingdom of Caboul, and its dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India. 1819.

See also Burnes.

{p. 342}

ERSKINE, W.: Account of the cave temple of Elephanta. Trans. Lit. Soc. Bomb. Vol. I., p. 198.

Note to F. Dangerfield's "Account of the caves near Bang called the Panch Pandoo." Trans. &c., Vol. II., p. 194.

Observations on the remains of the Buddhists in India. Trans. &c., Vol. III., p. 494.

FA HIAN: The Pilgrimage of; from the French edition of the Foe koue ki of MM. Rémusat, Klaproth, and Landresse. With additional notes and illustrations. (Anonymous. Cunningham quotes Laidley as the author.) Calcutta, 1848. 8º.

For an other paper on the Itinerary of Fa Hian see Kittoe.

FERGUSSON, J.: On the Rock-cut temples of India. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. VIII., p. 30. Also Published in 8º, with an Atlas in Roy. Fol., London, 1845.

FINLAYSON: The Mission to Siam and Hué, the capital of Cochin China, in the years 1821-22. With a memoir by the author, by Sir Th. St. Raffles. 1826.

FORBES, J.: Notes on the Buddhas, from Ceylonese authorities: with an attempt to fix the dates of the appearance of the last four. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. V., p. 321.

Critical diss.: Lassen, Chr.: Ztschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. I., p. 235.

FOUCAUX, PHIL. ED.: Spécimen du Gya-Tcher-Rol-Pa. Partie du Chapitre VII., contenant la naissance de Çakya-Muni. Texte Tibétain, traduit en français et accompagné de notes. Paris, 1841.

{p. 343}

FOUCAUX, PHIL. ED.: Rgya Tcher Rol pa, ou. Developpement des jeux, contenant l'histoire du Bouddha Çakyamuni, traduit sur la version Tibétaine du Bkah Hgyour, et revu sur l'original sauscrit (Lalitavistâra). 2 Vols. Paris, 1847.

Critical diss.: Schiefner. Bull. hist.-phil. St. Pétersb. Vol. VII., pp. 118, 225, 261, 501.--Barthélemy St. Hilaire; nine articles in connexion with Burnouf's "Le Lotus de la Bonne Loi." Journ. des Sav. 1854. 1855.

For other papers on this historical book, see: Lenz, Rajendralal Mitra.

----- Parabole de l'enfant égaré, formant le Chaptre IV. du Lotus de la Bonne Loi. Paris, 1854.

Grammaire de la Langue Tibétaine. Paris. 1858.

----- Le Trésor des belles Paroles: choix de sentences, composées en tibétain par le Lama Saskya Pandita, suivies d'une élégie tirée du Kanjur, traduites pour la premiére fois en francais. Paris, 1858.

FRANCKLIN, W.: Researches on the Tenets and Doctrines of the Jeynes and Boodhists; conjectured to be Brahmanes of ancient India. London, 1827.

----- Inquiry concerning the site of ancient Palibothra, conjectured to lie within the limits of the modern district of Bhaugulpoor. Parts. I-IV,. London, 1815-22.

For another paper on this town see Brockhaus.

FRIEDERICH: Over Inscriptien van Java en Sumatra, voor het eerst ontcjferd. Batavia, 1857.

GABET, see Hue.

GEORGI, A. A.; Alphabetum Tibetanum. Missionum apostolicorum commodo editum. Romæ, 1762.

{p. 344}

GERARD, A.: Koonawur, edited by G. Lloyd. London, 1841.

GOGERLY, D. J.: On Buddhism. Journ. Ceylon R. As. Soc., 1845. No. I., Part I., p. 7; 1848, p. 111; and 1853, p. 1.

GRINDLAY, R. M.: An account of some sculptures in the Cave Temples of Ellora. Trans. R. As. Soc., Vol. II., p. 326.

See also on these temples the papers of Sykes, Tod.

DE GUIGNES J.: Recherches historiques sur la religion Indienne, et sur les livres fondamentaux de cette religion, qui ont été traduits de l'Indien en Chinois. Acad. R. d. Inscript., Vol. XI. Paris, 1780.

----- Histoire générale des Huns, des Turcs, des Mongols, et des autres Tartares occidentaux &c., avant et depuis Jésus Christ jusqu'à présent. 4 Vols. 1756-58.

GURIUS, O.: Das Gelübde der Buddhisten, und die Ceremonien ihrer Ablegung bei den Chinesen. Arb. d. russ. Miss., Vol. II., p. 315.

GÜTZLAFF, C.: Remarks on the present state of Buddhism in China. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. XVI., p. 73.

HALBERTSMA, J. H.: Het Budhism en zyn stichter. Deventer, 1843.

HAMMER-PURGSTALL: Ueber einen halb buddhistischen, halb moslimischen Talisman. Denkschr. d. Wien. Akad., Vol. I., 1850.

HARINGTON; J, H.: Introductory remarks to Capt. Mahony's paper on Ceylon, and the doctrines of Buddha. As. Res. 8°. Vol. VIII., p. 529.

{p. 345}

HARDY, R. Spence: Eastern Monachism: an Account of the origin, laws, &c., of the order of Mendicants founded by Gôtama Buddha. London, 1850.

----- A Manual of Buddhism, translated from Singhalese Manuscripts. London, 1853.

Critical diss.: A. Weber, "Indische Studien." Vol. III., pp. 117-35.

HAY, W. G: Report on the Valley of Spiti. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XIX., p. 429.

HILARION: Die Beziehungen China's zu Tibet. Arb. d. russ. Miss. Vol. I., p. 313.

HODGSON, B. K: Notices on the Languages, Literature, and Religion of the Bauddhas of Nepaul and Bhot. As. Res., Vol. XVI., p. 409.

----- Sketch of Buddhism, derived from the Bauddha scriptures of Nepaul. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. II., p. 222.

----- Quotations from original Sanskrit authorities in proof and illustration of his Sketch of Buddhism. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. V., pp. 28, 71.

Critical diss.: Lassen: Zeitschr. f. d. K. d. Morg., Vol. I., p. 234.

----- European Speculations on Buddhism. Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 382.

----- Further remarks on M. Rémusat's Review of Buddhism. Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 425.

----- Notice on some ancient inscriptions in the characters of the Allahabad column. Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 481.

For other papers on this column see also: Burt, Mill, Prinsep, Turnour.

{p. 346}

HODGSON, B. R: Note on an inscription from Sarnath. Journ. &c., Vol. IV., p. 196.

See also on this inscription the paper of Sykes.

----- Notice on Adi Buddha and of the seven mortal Buddhas. Printed under the title: Classification of Néwars, in Journ. &c., Vol. III., p. 215.

----- Remarks on an Inscription in the Ranjâ and Tibetan (U'chhen) characters, taken from a Temple on the confines of the Valley of Nepaul. Journ. &c., Vol. IV., p. 196.

----- Account of a visit to the Ruins of Simroun, once the Capital of the Mithila Province. Journ. &c., Vol. IV., p. 121.

----- Note on the Primary language of the Buddhist writings. Journ. &c., Vol. VI., p. 682.

Critical diss.: Lassen: Zeitschr. £ d. K. d. Morg. Vol. III.., p. 159.

----- (Of the same subject treats an) Extract of Proceedings of the R. As. Soc. January, 1836.

----- A Disputation respecting Caste by a Buddhist, in the form of a series of Propositions supposed to be put by a Saiva and refuted by the Disputant. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. III.

----- On the extreme resemblance that prevails between many of the Symbols of Buddhism and Saivism. Quarterly Oriental Magazine, 1827. Nos. 14, 16.

All these papers are reprinted in:

----- Illustrations of the Literature and Religion of the Buddhists. Serampore, 1841.

----- The Pravrajia, Vrata or Initiatory Rites of the Buddhists to the Paja Kand. Illustrations, p. 212.

----- Notice on Buddhist symbols. Journ. R. As. Soc., Vol. XVIII., p. 393.

{p. 347}

HOFMANN: Buddha Pantheon von Nippon. With an Atlas of 63 Plates. Vol. V. of "v. Siebold, Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan." Leyden.

HOLMBOE, C. A.: Trace de Buddhisme en Norvége avant l'introduction du Christianisme. Paris, 1857.

A brief summary is given by Rajendralal Mitra in the Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XXVII., p. 46.

HOOKER, J. R: Himalayan Journals. 2 Vols. London, 1854.

HUC et GABET: Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartaric, le Tibet et la Chine pendant les années 1844, 1845, 1846. Vols. I. and II. 1853.

----- Notice sur la Prière bouddhique: Om mani padme hum. Nouv. Journ. As, 4e Série. Vol. IX., p. 462.

----- Les quarante-deux points d'enseignement proférés par Bouddha, traduit du Mongole. Nouv. etc., Vol. XI., p. 535.

See on this Sûtra also the paper of Schiefner.

Le Christianisme en Chine, en Tartaric and en Thibet. Vols. I.-IV.. (Also translated into English.)

HÜLLMANN, C. R: Historisch-kritische Abhandlung über die Lamaische Religion. Berlin, 1795.

HUMBOLDT, W. V.: Ueber die Kawi Sprache auf der Insel Java, nebst einer Einleitung über die Verschiedenheit des menschlichen Sprachbaues und ihren Einfluss auf die geistige Entwickelung des Menschengeschlechts. Berlin, 1836.

IDELER: Ueber die Zeitrechnung der Chinesen. (Read in the Berl. Ac. 1837; printed with addenda 1839.)

IMPEY, K: Description of a colossal Jain figure nearly 80 feet high, discovered on a spur of the Satpurah Range. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XVIII., Part II., p. 918.

{p. 348}

JACOB, L. G., and WESTERGAARD, N. L.: Copy of the Asoka Inscription at Girnar. Journ. Bomb. R. As. Soc., April 1843, p. 257.

JAPAN, nach den besten vorhandenen Quellen geschildert von einem Vereine Gelehrter. 1860.

JAQUET, E.: Notice sur les découvertes archéologiques faites par Honigberger pendant son séjour dans l'Afghanistan. Nouv. Journ. As. 1836, p. 234; 1837, p. 401.

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