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ODE 25.

Back again to personal experience.

1 I was rescued from my bonds and unto thee, my God, I fled:
2 For thou art the right hand of my Salvation and my helper.
3 Thou hast restrained those that rise up against me,
4 And I shall see him no more: because thy face was with me, which saved me by thy grace.
5 But I was despised and rejected in the eye of many: and I was in their eyes like lead,
6 And strength was mine from thyself and help.
7 Thou didst set me a lamp at my right hand and at my left: and in me there shall be nothing that is not bright:
8 And I was clothed with the covering of thy Spirit, and thou didst remove from me my raiment of skin;
9 For thy right hand lifted me up and removed sickness from me:
10 And I became mighty in: the truth, and holy by thy righteousness; and all my adversaries were afraid of me;
11 And I became admirable by the name of the Lord, and was justified by His gentleness, and His rest is for ever and ever. Hallelujah.

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