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ODE 22.

Like the Psalms of David in their exultation because of freedom.

1 He who brought me down from on high, also brought me up from the regions below;
2 And He who gathers together the things that are betwixt is He also who cast me down:
3 He who scattered my enemies had existed from ancient and my adversaries:
4 He who gave me authority over bonds that I might loose them;
5 He that overthrew by my hands the dragon with seven heads: and thou hast set me over his roots that I might destroy his seed.
6 Thou wast there and didst help me, and in every place thy name was a rampart me
7 Thy right hand destroyed his wicked poison; and thy hand levelled the way for those who believe in thee.
8 And thou didst choose them from the graves and didst separate them from the dead.
9 Thou didst take dead bones and didst cover them with bodies.
10 They were motionless, and thou didst give them energy for life.
11 Thy way was without corruption, and thy face; thou didst bring thy world to corruption: that everything might be dissolved, and then renewed,
12 And that the foundation for everything might be thy rock: and on it thou didst build thy kingdom; and it became the dwelling place of the saints. Hallelujah.

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