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Yoke-fellow (Phi 4:3), one of the apostle's fellow-labourers. Some have conjectured that Epaphroditus is meant. Wyckliffe renders the phrase "the german fellow", i.e., "thee, germane [= genuine] comrade."

Zaanaim Wanderings; the unloading of tents, so called probably from the fact of nomads in tents encamping amid the cities and villages of that region, a place in the north-west of Lake Merom, near Kedesh, in Naphtali. Here Sisera was slain by Jael, "the wife of Heber the Kenite," who had pitched his tent in the "plain [R.V., 'as far as the oak'] of Zaanaim" (Jdg 4:11). It has been, however, suggested by some that, following the LXX. and the Talmud, the letter b, which in Hebrew means "in," should be taken as a part of the word following, and the phrase would then be "unto the oak of Bitzanaim," a place which has been identified with the ruins of Bessum, about half-way between Tiberias and Mount Tabor.

Zaanan Place of flocks, mentioned only in Mic 1:11. It may be identified with Zenan, in the plain country of Judah (Jos 15:37).

Zaanannim =Zaanaim (Jos 19:33).

Zaavan Terror, one of the "dukes of Edom" (Gen 36:27); called also Zavan (Ch1 1:42).

Zabad Gift. (1.) One of David's valiant men (Ch1 11:41), the descendant of Ahlai, of the "children of Sheshan" (Ch1 2:31). (2.) A descendant of Tahath (Ch1 7:21). (3.) The son of Shemath. He conspired against Joash, king of Judah, and slew him (Ch2 24:25, Ch2 24:26). He is called also Jozachar (Kg2 12:21). (4.) Ezr 10:27. (5.) Ezr 10:33. (6.) Ezr 10:43.

Zabbai Wanderer; pure. (1.) Ezr 10:28. (2.) The father of Baruch, who "earnestly repaired" part of the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:20; marg., "Zaccai").

Zabbud Gift, Ezr 8:14.

Zabdi Gift of Jehovah. (1.) An ancestor of Achan (Jos 7:1, Jos 7:17, Jos 7:18). He is probably the "Zimri" of Ch1 2:6. (2.) A Benjamite (Ch1 8:19). (3.) Called "the Shiphmite," one of David's officers, who had charge of his vineyards (Ch1 27:27). (4.) A Levite, one of the sons of Asaph (Neh 11:17); probably the same as Zichri (Ch1 9:15), and Zaccur (Neh 12:35).

Zabdiel Gift of God. (1.) The father of Jashobeam, who was one of David's officers (Ch1 27:2). (2.) An overseer of the priests after the Captivity (Neh 11:14).