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Shomer Watchman. (1.) The mother of Jehozabad, who murdered Joash (Kg2 12:21); called also Shimrith, a Moabitess (Ch2 24:26). (2.) A man of Asher (Ch1 7:32); called also Shamer (Ch1 7:34).

Shophan Hidden, or hollow, a town east of Jordan (Num 32:35), built by the children of Gad. This word should probably be joined with the word preceding it in this passage, Atroth-Shophan, as in the Revised Version.

Shoshannim Lilies, the name of some musical instrument, probably like a lily in shape (Ps. 45; 69, title). Some think that an instrument of six strings is meant.

Shoshannim-Eduth In title of Ps. 80 (R.V. marg., "lilies, a testimony"), probably the name of the melody to which the psalm was to be sung.

Shrines, Silver Little models and medallions of the temple and image of Diana of Ephesus (Act 19:24). The manufacture of these was a very large and profitable business.

Shua Wealth. (1.) A Canaanite whose daughter was married to Judah (Ch1 2:3). (2.) A daughter of Heber the Asherite (Ch1 7:32).

Shuah Prostration; a pit. (1.) One of Abraham's sons by Keturah (Gen 25:2; Ch1 1:32). (2.) Ch1 4:11.

Shual, The Land of Land of the fox, a district in the tribe of Benjamin (Sa1 13:17); possibly the same as Shalim (Sa1 9:4), in the neighbourhood of Shaalabbin (Jos 19:42).

Shuhite A designation of Bildad (Job 2:11), probably because he was a descendant of Shuah.

Shulamite The same, as some think, with "Shunammite," from "Shunem:" otherwise, the import of the word is uncertain (Sol 6:13; R.V., "Shulammite").