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Shamgar The Philistines from the maritime plain had made incursions into the Hebrew upland for the purposes of plunder, when one of this name, the son of Anath, otherwise unknown, headed a rising for the purpose of freeing the land from this oppression. He repelled the invasion, slaying 600 men with an "ox goad" (q.v.). The goad was a formidable sharp pointed instrument, sometimes ten feet long. He was probably contemporary for a time with Deborah and Barak (Jdg 3:31; Jdg 5:6).

Shamir A sharp thorn. (1.) One of the sons of Michah (Ch1 24:24). (2.) A town among the mountains of Judah (Jos 15:48); probably Somerah, 2 1/2 miles north-west of Debir. (3.) The residence of Tola, one of the judges, on Mount Ephraim (Jdg 10:1, Jdg 10:2).

Shammah Desert. (1.) One of the "dukes" of Edom (Gen 36:13, Gen 36:17). (2.) One of the sons of Jesse (Sa1 16:9). He is also called Shimeah (Sa2 13:3) and Shimma (Ch1 2:13). (3.) One of David's three mighty men (Sa2 23:11, Sa2 23:12). (4.) One of David's mighties (Sa2 23:25); called also Shammoth (Ch1 11:27) and Shamhuth (Ch1 27:8).

Shammua Heard. (1.) One of the spies sent out by Moses to search the land (Num 13:4). He represented the tribe of Reuben. (2.) One of David's sons (Ch1 14:4; Ch1 3:5, "Shimea;" Sa2 5:14). (3.) A Levite under Nehemiah (Neh 11:17).

Shaphan A coney, a scribe or secretary of king Josiah (Kg2 22:3). He consulted Huldah concerning the newly-discovered copy of the law which was delivered to him by Hilkiah the priest (Kg2 22:8). His grandson Gedaliah was governor of Judea (Kg2 25:22).

Shaphat Judge. (1.) One of the spies. He represented the tribe of Simeon (Num 13:5). (2.) The father of Elisha (Kg1 19:16). (3.) One of David's chief herdsmen (Ch1 27:29).

Shapher Brightness, one of the stations where Israel encamped in the wilderness (Num 33:23, Num 33:24).

Sharaim Two gates (Jos 15:36), more correctly Shaaraim (Sa1 17:52), probably Tell Zakariya and Kefr Zakariya, in the valley of Elah, 3 1/2 miles north-west of Socoh.

Sharezer (god) protect the king!, a son of Sennacherib, king of Assyria. He and his brother Adrammelech murdered their father, and then fled into the land of Armenia (Kg2 19:37).

Sharon Or Saron, a plain, a level tract extending from the Mediterranean to the hill country to the west of Jerusalem, about 30 miles long and from 8 to 15 miles broad, celebrated for its beauty and fertility (Ch1 27:29; Isa 33:9; Isa 35:2; Isa 65:10). The "rose of Sharon" is celebrated (Sol 2:1). It is called Lasharon (the article la being here a part of the word) in Jos 12:18.