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Helbah Fatness, a town of the tribe of Asher (Jdg 1:31), in the plain of Phoenicia.

Helbon Fat; i.e., "fertile", (Eze 27:18 only), a place whence wine was brought to the great market of Tyre. It has been usually identified with the modern Aleppo, called Haleb by the native Arabs, but is more probably to be found in one of the villages in the Wady Helbon, which is celebrated for its grapes, on the east slope of Anti-Lebanon, north of the river Barada (Abana).

Heldai Wordily. (1.) Ch1 27:15; called also Heleb (Sa2 23:29); one of David's captains. (2.) Zac 6:10, one who returned from Babylon.

Heleb Fatness, one of David's warriors (Sa2 23:29).

Heled This world, (Ch1 11:30); called Heleb (Sa2 23:29).

Helek A portion, (Jos 17:2), descended from Manasseh.

Helem A stroke, great-grandson of Asher (Ch1 7:35).

Heleph Exchange, a city on the north border of Naphtali (Jos 19:33).

Helez Strong, or lion (?) (1.) One of Judah's posterity (Ch1 2:39). (2.) One of David's warriors (Sa2 23:26).

Heli Elevation, father of Joseph in the line of our Lord's ancestry (Luk 3:23).