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Adamah Red earth, a fortified city of Naphtali, probably the modern Damieh, on the west side of the sea of Tiberias (Jos 19:33, Jos 19:36).

Adamant (Heb. shamir ), Eze 3:9. The Greek word adamas means diamond. This stone is not referred to, but corundum or some kind of hard steel. It is an emblem of firmness in resisting adversaries of the truth (Zac 7:12), and of hardheartedness against the truth (Jer 17:1).

Adar Large, the sixth month of the civil and the twelfth of the ecclesiastical year of the Jews (Est 3:7, Est 3:13; Est 8:12; Est 9:1, Est 9:15, Est 9:17, Est 9:19, Est 9:21). It included the days extending from the new moon of our March to the new moon of April. The name was first used after the Captivity. When the season was backward, and the lambs not yet of a paschal size, or the barley not forward enough for abib, then a month called Veadar, i.e., a second Adar, was intercalated.

Adbeel Miracle of God, the third of the twelve sons of Ishmael, and head of an Arabian tribe (Gen 25:13; Ch1 1:29).

Addar Ample, splendid, son of Bela (Ch1 8:3); called also "Ard" (Gen 46:21)

Adder (Psa 140:3; Rom 3:13, "asp") is the rendering of (1.) Akshub ("coiling" or "lying in wait"), properly an asp or viper, found only in this passage. (2.) Pethen ("twisting"), a viper or venomous serpent identified with the cobra (Naja haje) (Psa 58:4; Psa 91:13); elsewhere "asp." (3.) Taiphoni ("hissing") (Pro 23:32); elsewhere rendered "cockatrice," Isa 11:8; Isa 14:29; Isa 59:5; Jer 8:17, as it is here in the margin of the Authorized Version. The Revised Version has "basilisk." This may have been the yellow viper, the Daboia xanthina, the largest and most dangerous of the vipers of Palestine. (4.) Shephiphon ("creeping"), occurring only in Gen 49:17, the small speckled venomous snake, the "horned snake," or cerastes. Dan is compared to this serpent, which springs from its hiding-place on the passer-by.

Addi Ornament, (Luk 3:28), the son of Cosam, and father of Melchi, one of the progenitors of Christ.

Addon Low, one of the persons named in Neh 7:61 who could not "shew their father's house" on the return from captivity. This, with similar instances (Neh 7:63), indicates the importance the Jews attached to their genealogies.

Adiel Ornament of God. (1.) The father of Azmaveth, who was treasurer under David and Solomon (Ch1 27:25). (2.) A family head of the tribe of Simeon (Ch1 4:36). (3.) A priest (Ch1 9:12).

Adin Effeminate. (1.) Ezr 8:6. (2.) Neh 10:16.