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The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at

Of Oneness

My Eternity is My creation. I have created it for thee. My Oneness is My design. I have designed it for thee; therefore clothe thyself with it. Thus thou mayest be a star of My Omnipresence for ever.

Alas! that a hundred thousand ideal languages are spoken by One Tongue, and that a hundred thousand hidden meanings are unfolded in One Melody, and there is no ear to hearken, nor any heart to perceive a single letter!

Let the people of Certainty know that a new Garden has appeared in the Open Court of Holiness, and that all the people of the Heights, and the temples of the Exalted Heaven, are around it.

p. 116

Endeavour to reach that station and discover the truths of the mystery of Love from its blossoms, and unveil abundant knowledge of the Oneness from its eternal fruits. Radiant are the eyes of him who has entered therein with trust.

O Dead Men on the Bed of Negligence! Centuries have passed, and ye have ended your precious limes; yet not a single breath of purity hath ever come from ye to Our Holy Presence. Ye are drowned in the sea of polytheism while talking of Oneness.

Oneness, in its true significance, means that God alone should be realised as the One Power which animates and dominates all things, which are but manifestations of its energy.

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