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The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at

Of Pride

Divest yourselves from the garment of pride; and lay aside the robe of haughtiness.

I declare by My Beauty that I have created

p. 106

ye all from the dust, and to dust shall I turn ye again.

O Sons of Pride! For a few days’ mortal reign ye have rejected My Immortal Dominion, and are arraying yourselves in robes of scarlet and gold and boasting of this. I declare by My Beauty that I will bring ye all together under the uncoloured tent of dust, and will efface the colours of all; save those who choose My Colour, which is pure from all colour.

Verily, man is uplifted to the heaven of glory and power through Meekness; again, through Pride is he degraded to the lowest station.

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