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The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at

All the former and later Books of God are adorned with His commemoration and speak His praise. Through Him the standard of knowledge is planted in the world, and the Banner of Unity is hoisted among nations.

Knowledge is like unto wings for the being (of man) and is as a ladder for ascending. . . . The possessors of sciences and arts have a great right among the people of the world. Whereunto testifies the Mother of Divine Utterance in the Day of Return. Joy unto those that hear.

Knowledge is the means of honour, prosperity, joy, gladness, happiness and exultation.

He (The Bab) says in description of 'He-whom-God-shall-manifest';—'Verily, He is the One who shall utter in all grades, "Verily, I am God. There is no God but Me, the Lord of all things, and all besides Me is created by Me! O ye My

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creatures! Ye are to worship Me!"' Likewise, in another place, speaking of 'He-whom-God-shall-manifest,' he says, 'Verily, I (The Bab) am the first one of those who worship Him.'

Now, man must reflect upon the 'Worshipper' (The Bab); and the 'Worshipped One' (Baha‘u‘llah); perchance the people of the earth may attain to a drop of the Sea of Knowledge, and comprehend the Station of this Manifestation. Verily, He hath appeared, and hath spoken in Truth. Blessed is he who confesses and acknowledges, and woe unto every remote denier."

The Tablet of Tajalleyat.

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