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Prelude: "A Princess"
A Royal Visit
The First Waratah
The First Gymea or Gigantic Lily
Why the Turtle has no Tail
The Flood
How the Waratah got its Honey
Why the Sun Sets
What the Moon is
How the White Waratah became Red
How the Sky was Lifted Up
The First Kangaroo
The Second Kangaroo
The Struggle for Supremacy between Birds and Animals
The Dianella Berry
How the Pistils of the Waratah became Firm
What Makes the Waves
The First Bush Fire
Why Leaves Fall
At Low Tide
The Bubbling Spring
The Salt Lakes
Shooting Stars
Why the Petiole of the Waratah is Long
Why the Waratah is Firm
The First Crayfish
The Clinging Koala
The Smilax
Star Legend
Bird Legend
Two Waratah Legends
Another Legend
Mist and a Fringed Flower
The Legend of the Pleiades
The Black Satin

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