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Fig. 1. Fine, straight, horizontal lines. Symbol for Space.

Fig. 2. Symbolizing the Seven-headed Serpent as the Deity moving through Space. The surrounding circle is the symbol for the Universe.

Fig. 3. Wavy horizontal lines symbolize Earthly Waters.

Fig. 4. The Circle. The monotheistic symbol of the Deity.

Fig. 5. The Plain Cross. Symbol of the Sacred Four. The Four Great Primary Forces coming direct from the Almighty.

Fig. 6. The full Godhead of Five. The Deity and his Four Great Primary and Creative Forces.

Fig. 7. Lahun. The dual principle of the Creator.

Fig. 8. The Fires of the Underneath. The Earth's Center.

Fig. 9. Vertical, fine, dotted lines from the Sun symbolize the Sun's affinitive Forces to the Earth's Light Forces.

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Fig. 10. Vertical, fine, straight lines from the Sun, symbolize the Sun's affinitive Forces to the Earth's Light Forces.

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Fig. 11. Vertical, wavy lines from the Sun, symbolize the Sun's affinitive Force to the Earth's Heat Force.

Fig. 12. The Sun's affinitive Forces to the Earth's Life Forces striking the Earth's Forces in the Cosmic Eggs formed in the waters.

Fig. 13. The Sun's affinitive Forces to the Earth's [paragraph continues]

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Life Forces striking the Earth's Forces in Cosmic Eggs which have been formed on the land.

Fig. 14. Symbol of the Waters as the Mother of Life.

Fig. 15. The Tau, symbol of Resurrection and Emersion.

Fig. 16. The Tree of Life and the Serpent. The Serpent symbolizes the Waters and the Tree--Mu, the Mother of Man, the Only Life. All of nature's lives are illusion; they do not continue on. Only man is Life and Life is everlasting.

Mexican Tablet No. 1231: I consider this cross the most valuable writing which has come down to us from the First Civilization both as regards religion and science. This cross tells us that all Forces throughout the Universe have their origin in the Deity. That these Forces are controlling life and all movements of matter down to the atom and particles of atoms, either directly or indirectly. It shows us that the Forces called Atomic Forces are only indirect workings of Primary Forces through Atoms. It tells us how the Great Primary Forces are working in a manner to maintain regular and perfect movements of each and every body throughout the Universe.

All of the arms of this cross are symbols of the Primary Forces coming from and out of the Deity. All of these arms or Forces are pointing towards the East--the four form a circle. Therefore, the Primary Forces are all working in a circle from a Center and proceeding

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<I>Tablet No. 1231</I>
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Tablet No. 1231

in an Easterly direction.

Detailed deciphering of this symbol is to be found in The Lost Continent of Mu, Page 34.

The Origin of Forces has always been a mooted question among scientists. We have here a writing by the scientists of the earth's First Great Civilization, telling us what the origin is; and not only that, but also the manner and direction of their workings. Especially

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it shows us the curvatures apparent throughout the Universe, which are causing so much controversy among scientists today.

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How long ago this was written I cannot say: but certainly more than 12,000 years ago.

Mexican Tablet No. 988: I am giving this tablet as

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a confirmation of the previous one regarding the direction in which the Forces are working throughout the Universe. This particular glyph shows the lines running from the outside to the Center--therefore it is the Centripetal Force.

This glyph, without any script, appears on many of the Yucatan and Central American inscriptions.

Pedro Beltram, Le Plongeon and others have written that this glyph refers to the movement of the Sun. Here it distinctly states that it represents the workings of a primary Force.

Mexican Tablet No. 339: This interesting little tablet symbolizes the Four Great Primary Forces, in the shape of a butterfly, flying through space and evolving law and order out of chaos in obedience to the command of the Creator--His first command in Creation.

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''Let Land Appear''<BR>''And waters covered the face of the earth''
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''Let Land Appear''
''And waters covered the face of the earth''


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A full deciphering of this tablet is given in The Lost Continent of Mu, Page 37.

Mexican Tablet No. 1267:

Fig. 1. The outside circle--The Universe.

Fig. 2. The wavy circle--The Waters.

Fig. 3. The inside--The Earth.

Fig. 4. "The Fires of the underneath"--Volcanic gases. The Force symbol, coming out of the Fires, tells us that land is about to be raised.

Mexican Tablet No. 328: This Mexican tablet symbolizes the actual first life on earth. A full reading of this compound glyph is given in The Children of Mu, page 76.

THE TALE OF THE CREATION.--The following is what I found in the old Oriental Naacal writing, supplemented by the Mexican Tablets:


"Originally the Universe was only a soul or spirit. Everything was without form and without life. All was calm, silent and soundless. Void and dark was the immensity of space. Only the Supreme Spirit, the Great Self-Existing Power, the Creator, the Seven-Headed Serpent, moved within the abyss of darkness."

"The desire came to Him to create worlds, and the

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desire came to Him to create the earth with living things upon it, and He created the earth and all therein. This is the manner of the creation of the earth with all there is within and upon it:--The Seven-headed Serpent)

<I>No. 328</I>
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No. 328

the Creator, gave seven great commands."

These two tablets tell us that these seven commands

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were given to the Four Great Primary Forces. That these Forces were the executors of the Creator's commands throughout the Creation.


<I>Mexican No. 1231</I>
Mexican No. 1231

"The First Command: 'Let the gases, which are scattered throughout space and without form and order, be brought together and out of them let worlds be formed.'

<I>Mexican No. 339</I>
Mexican No. 339

Then the gases were brought together in the form of whirling masses."

"The Second Command: 'Let the gases solidify and let the earth be formed.' Then the gases solidified. Volumes were left on the outside of the crust, from which the waters and the atmosphere were to be formed; and volumes were left enveloped within the crust. Darkness prevailed, and there was no sound for as yet neither the atmosphere nor the waters were formed."

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"The Third Command: 'Let the outside gases be separated and let them form the waters and the atmosphere.'

<I>Mexican No. 1267</I>
Mexican No. 1267

[paragraph continues] And the gases were separated. One part went to form the waters, the remainder formed the atmosphere. The waters settled upon the face of the Earth so that no land appeared anywhere."

<I>Naacal No. 10</I>
Naacal No. 10

"The gases which did not form the waters, went to form the atmosphere. And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the earth's light contained in the atmosphere, which gave birth to light. Then there was light upon the face of the Earth."

<I>Naacal No. 11</I>
Naacal No. 11

"And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the Earth's heat which was contained in her atmosphere

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and gave it life. Then there was heat to warm the face of the earth."

<I>Mexican No. 51</I>
Mexican No. 51

"The Fourth Command: 'Let the fires that are within the earth raise land above the face of the waters.' Then the fires of the underneath lifted the land on which the waters rested until the land appeared above the face of the waters-this was the dry land."

 No. 12</I>
No. 12

 No. 13</I>
No. 13

 No. 1</I>
No. 1

 No. 2</I>
No. 2

<I>Mexican No. 328</I>
Mexican No. 328


"The Fifth Command: 'Let life come forth in the waters.' And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the earth in the mud of the waters, and out of particles of

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mud formed cosmic eggs. From these eggs life came forth as commanded."

<I>Naacal No. 13</I>
Naacal No. 13

"The Sixth Command: 'Let Life come forth on the land.' And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the earth in the dust of the land and out of particles of dust formed cosmic eggs. From these cosmic eggs life came forth as commanded." (What I have translated as arrows and shafts is the glyph .)

"The Seventh Command: And when this was done, the Seventh Intellect said: 'Let us make man after our own fashion and let us endow him with powers to rule this earth.' Then the Seven-Headed Intellect, The Creator of All Things throughout the Universe, created man and placed within his body a living, imperishable spirit, and man became like the Creator in intellectual power."

What does the phrase "after our own fashion" mean? It certainly does not mean in the image of the Creator; for, a little farther on in the Sacred Writings, it says: "To man the Creator is incomprehensible. He can

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<I>Mexican Tablet No. 1584<BR>
 Creation of the First Pair<BR>
 Man and Woman</I>
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Mexican Tablet No. 1584
Creation of the First Pair
Man and Woman


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neither be pictured nor named, He is the Nameless."

If man were "in the image of God" he would be a picture of God; and, as God can neither be pictured nor named, being incomprehensible, the Bible has erred in translation by using the word "image."

"Like the Creator" unquestionably means, in intellect and mystic powers, for man possesses both.

Mexican Tablet No. 1584: This tablet reads:--"Man was created with the dual principle, male and female. The Creator caused this man to pass into a sleep (our death) and while he slept, the principles were severed by Cosmic Forces. When he awoke (born again) he was two--man and woman."

There are innumerable writings stating that man was created alone, and that woman was taken from a part of the original man. I shall quote a few prominent writings on the subject and also include some legends.

THE BIBLE.--Genesis. 2. V. 21-22.

"And the Lord God caused a deep sleep [Among the ancients death was called sleep: therefore, here sleep is equivalent to our death.] to fall upon Adam, and he slept: [that is he died] and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man."

This is Ezra's translation of the writings of Moses 800 years after. Moses' writings were copies of the Naga in the language and writing of the Motherland and were only partially understood by Ezra who had not

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become a Master in the Chaldi in Babylonia before he was released from bondage and returned to his own land.

EGYPT.--Egypt obtained the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu from two sources, in which the creation of woman appears. First, from India, brought by the Nagas when they made their first settlement at Maioo in Nubia, Upper Egypt. Second, from Atlantis, brought by the Mayas under the leadership of Thoth, who made his first settlement at Saïs on the Nile Delta, Lower Egypt. This probably accounts for two versions of the Creation in the early chapters of the Bible. One was from the people who came from India--the other from the people who came from Atlantis, forming Upper and Lower Egypt.

HINDU.--The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu were brought to India by the Naacals from the Motherland, and from India they were carried by the Naacals to the more recent colonies of Babylonia on the Euphrates and to Maioo in Upper Egypt.

CHALDEAN.--The Chaldean and Egyptian were therefore reflexes of the Hindu, and the Hindu a reflex of the Motherland: thus showing, definitely, that the legend of woman coming out of man originated in Mu, the Motherland.

HAWAII. PACIFIC ISLANDS.--The Hawaiians have a very ancient legend stating:--"Taaroa made man out of red earth Araca, and breathed into his nostrils. He made woman from man's bones and called her Ivi."

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This part of the legend is identical with the Biblical arid continues so throughout, except in unimportant details.

In the Polynesian language every letter in a word is pronounced: thus Ivi in Polynesian is pronounced Eve-y. Mu was destroyed about 12,000 years ago, so that this legend must have been orally handed down for at least 12,000 years.

THE GREEK LEGEND.--In all of their conceptions, the Greeks were always original. They gave a viewpoint on a subject different from all others, even to the creation of man and woman.

Plato says: "Human beings were originally created with the man and woman combined in one body. Each body had four arms and four legs. The bodies were round, and they rolled over and over, using the arms and legs to move them. By and by they began to treat the gods badly. They stopped their sacrifices and even threatened to roll up Mount Olympus to attack and overthrow the gods.

"One god said, 'Let us kill them all. They are dangerous.'

"Another said, 'No, I have a better idea. We will cut them in half. Then they will only have two arms and two legs; they won't be round. They won't be able to roll. Being multiplied by two, they will offer twice as many sacrifices, and what is the most important, each half will be so busy looking for the other half that they will not have time to bother us.'

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UIGHUR.--The frontispiece of this book, coming from the ancient capital of the Uighurs destroyed about 18,000 to 20,000 years ago--Chinese records say 19,000 years ago--is probably the oldest record of man being created with the dual principle.

There are in this world those, the spiritual part of whose brains are so finely keyed to each other, that words are unnecessary to express the feelings of one towards the other when they first meet. These possibly are the two halves of man and woman which in bygone times made one soul. All the past is bridged at a glance. The divine, pure love for one another leaps into life again on the instant. Many modern writers have vulgarly termed this "the man call." It is not the man call; it is the souls' call, mates. The "man call" is materialism. Materialism has nothing to do with it, because the call is spiritual.

Again, two persons, meeting for the first time, may or may not take a dislike to one another. One of them at least may take a dislike to the other and mistrust the other for no apparent reason. This is popularly termed "first impressions." Probably if their past incarnations could be recalled and they could see all that happened in them, the question would be answered.

A glyph, generally a circle but sometimes oblong with two parallel lines drawn through its center dividing it into three parts as shown Cut. 1 (Niven's Mexican Tablet No. 2379), is a common universal symbol.

It is found among the cliff writings of our western

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states, in inscriptions on the Mexican Pyramid at Xochicalco, in the Maya writings of Yucatan. It appears in a writing on Inscription Rock, northeast Brazil

<I>Cut 1. Mexican No. 2379</I>
Cut 1. Mexican No. 2379

<I>Cut 2. A paragraph in the Sacred Inspired Writings (Naacal writing)</I>
Cut 2. A paragraph in the Sacred Inspired Writings (Naacal writing)

near the boundary of British Guiana, and in other various American carvings. It occurs in the ancient writings of the Uighurs, Hindus, Babylonians and Egyptians.

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In the Oriental Naacal writings of the Sacred Inspired Writings, The Books of the Golden Age, it is one of three glyphs forming a paragraph. (See Cut. 2.) The paragraph reads: ( Hun)-The Creator is one. ( Lahun, two)--He is two in one. ( Mehen, man)--These two engendered the son, mehen--man. It is thus shown that the glyph refers to the Creation of man, and by the ordinary extensions given these very ancient symbols, includes producing a continuance of, et cetera.

Lao Tzu in Tao te King, a Chinese book written about 600 B. C. just before the time of Confucius, we read: "Reason Tao made One. One became two. Two produced three. From these three, all mankind descended."

In deciphering and translating this glyph, collected from many parts of the earth, I have invariably found that, in the ancient explanation of it, three words persist in every translation of it, viz: made or created, became and produced; thus:

The Creator created man, man became two, these two produced three, clearly in each case showing and defining the form of the steps in progression, and the difference between each step.

An ancient glyph which by the ancients was called "The Mysterious Writing" is an esoteric temple writing, a numeral writing, conveying the same meaning and conception as the Mexican Tablet No. 2379.

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THE MYSTERIOUS WRITING.--The Mysterious Writing consisted of either six small circles or six small disks, placed so as to form a triangle, pyramid or keystone. The rows are so placed that they count-one, two, three.

<I>Cut 3. The Mysterious Writing</I>
Cut 3. The Mysterious Writing

The two figures forming Cut 3 are written with the Naga form of numerals. Sometimes the Nagas used circles, at other times disks; this appears to have been optional, dependent on the taste of the writer.

The Uighurs, generally, used a bar or line to express their numerals. I find their expression of the one, two and three most frequently written thus or .

KARA INSCRIPTION IN BRAZIL.--On a large prairie-like plain in the northeastern part of Brazil near the boundary of British Guiana stands an immense rock with many smooth faces which are literally covered with very old inscriptions in the characters of the ancient Karas or Carians.

The following is one of the inscriptions with its deciphering and translation:

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1. This is a universal symbol found in the writings of all ancient people.

2. The Northern or Uighur form of writing the numeral 1. (Cara or Karian pattern)

3. Numeral 2.

4. Numeral 3. This glyph is specialized by not having one end closed which gives it a special significance.

The Legend: One became two. Two produced three. From these three the life was continued on.

The continuation is shown in the glyph for numeral 3 where the ends of the bars are left open. The ancients designated by unattached ends that unfinished work was being carried on.

It may be well to note here that the Cara glyph for 1, an enclosed bar, was the Naga glyph for 5. All Naga counts were made up of 5's; thus ten would be two or twice five. Ten being the numeral symbol of the Infinite,

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was never used. As the symbol of the Infinite it was looked upon as being too sacred.

I have here shown a South American inscription composed of a symbol or vignette with its meaning given in script. This, to a great extent, follows the character of the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu; further, it is unquestionable that this passage was taken from the Sacred Writings for on the other side of the world comes the Motherland. In China we find Lao Tzu in Tao te King, using virtually the same words about 600 B. C. which he took from the Sacred Writings of the Motherland.

XOCICALCO PYRAMID--MEXICO.--On this celebrated pyramid there are many inscriptions. I have selected one which appears to me to be relative to the creation of the first pair.

<I>Uighur writing</I>
Uighur writing

1st Line. Numerals one, two and three with their hidden meaning as previously given.

2nd Line. Includes the Uighur glyph for man having the dual principle. Man before he became divided.

3rd Line. Includes man as the male principle only

p. 110

When mankind was referred to, the Uighur plain letter M was given.)

<I>The evolution of the Uighur letter M<BR>
 1, Naga Mu. 2. Uighur Mu. 3. Second changing the right leg to be the longer. 4. Third, the last pattern handed down to the Chinese</I>.
The evolution of the Uighur letter M
1, Naga Mu. 2. Uighur Mu. 3. Second changing the right leg to be the longer. 4. Third, the last pattern handed down to the Chinese

THE WATERS--THE MOTHER OF LIFE.--Throughout all ancient writings the waters are referred to as "The Mother of Life." Thus it is shown that the ancients knew perfectly well what is confirmed by geology today: that is, the first life on earth was marine life, that is, it first appeared in the waters.

To think that life first appeared in the waters is not only reasonable, but it was imperative according to natural laws that it should do so; for, life can only commence at a temperature below 200° F. I have been unable to produce life at over 175° F.

During the earth's cooling, the waters were always a step in advance of the rocks in cooling; therefore the waters being in advance of the rocks in cooling were down to a temperature where life could make a start before life could start among the rocks, or at the best hot, rocky, gravelly sand with little or no actual soil.


<I>The Waters of the Mother of Life</I>
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The Waters of the Mother of Life


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The first life that appeared on this earth were tiny microscopical marine grasses and lichens. These were destined to become the foundation stones of The House of Life--Nature's lives and so the house was built upon them until Man, the Special Creation, came to form the Divine coping stone.

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.


Various serpents are mentioned in the ancient writings, each one symbolizing something different from the others. These ancient Serpent Symbols are divided into two classes:

1. The adorned Serpent symbolizing the Creative Attribute of the Deity.

2. Plain unadorned Serpents were symbols of the waters. The symbolic water symbol was called Khan.

Fig. 1. This serpent is one of the vignettes appearing in the Sacred Writings--Fifth Command. As this serpent has a nest of eggs within her coils, it is permissible to assume that this creation refers to various forms of marine life.

Mexican Tablet, No. 328. This serpent symbolizes

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actual first life in the waters, therefore the first life on earth.

Fig. 2. Is the usual form of the water symbol, without any additions, such as eggs, et cetera.

<I>Egyptian Vignette</I>
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Egyptian Vignette

HORUS IN COMBAT WITH APHOPHIS.--This vignette comes from an Egyptian papyrus dating about 3,000 B. C. It depicts Horus the symbol of the Sun in combat with Aphophis the waters.

This illustration plainly shows a great difference in the teachings from the original that are found in the Sacred Writings and which are repeated and confirmed

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in the Mexican Tablet No. 328. There the scientific account is given. In the Egyptian a symbol is given without the explanation. The Mexican Tablet is at least 7,000 years older than this Egyptian vignette.

But Egypt did not stand alone in this obtuse teaching:--the Greeks had their Apollo, the Sun, killing the Serpent Python, the waters. The Hindus had Krishma killing the Serpent Anatha, the waters, and the Chaldeans had Belmarduk, the Sun, overcoming Tiamat, the waters.

Chaldean tablet found in the library of the palace of King Assurbanipal: "At a time when neither the heavens above nor the earth below existed, there was the watery abyss: the first of seed, the mistress of the depths, the mother of the Universe.

"The waters covered everything; no product had ever been gathered nor was there any sprout seen, aye, the very gods had not yet come into being.

"The gods are preparing for a grand contest against the monster known as Tiamat, the waters; the god Belmarduk overthrows Tiamat."

Tiamat is a Naga word meaning water everywhere, nowhere land. Belmarduk was the Babylonian name for the Sun as the celestial orb and not as the symbol Ra.

From the foregoing it appears to be that the first two extracts correspond to the Mexican Tablet No. 339) and the last to the advent of life on earth. Some connecting tablets are evidently missing.

In the Sacred Writings of Mu it is plainly shown that

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there was no combat or fighting. That it was the commingling of forces in connection with elementary matter that produced the results and that the Natural Law regarding the creation of Life had only been followed.

The savages and semi-savages of the South Sea Islands have legends among themselves showing that they understand the workings of the Forces better than the myths taught by the Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus and Chaldeans, which go to prove that these myths were bred after Mu went down and the South Sea Islands became isolated from the rest of the world.

The South Sea Islanders explain that all creations are the result of marriages (commingling) between gods (Forces), which is correct. Theirs is the original explanation orally handed down for 12,000 years, and wonderfully well they have kept it.

Of course there are divergences from the original, but when one considers the time they have been orally passed on from father to son, it is a miracle that the differences are so immaterial; but they have had no unscrupulous priesthoods to tamper with the great things left behind.

THE BIBLE.--Referring to the Bible again, and to show how extremely old some parts of it are, those which came out of the Sacred Inspired Writings, I will call attention to a few facts.

Moses without question bases his religious laws on the Pure Osirian as taught by Thoth. Take for instance the ten commandments. In the Great Hall of Truth of [paragraph continues]

p. 115

Osiris there are placed forty-two gods in a row, to ask the soul when it enters this judgment Hall forty-two questions regarding the life of the material body in which it had dwelt.

Moses took these forty-two questions and in a condensed form made forty-two commands out of them which he condensed to ten commands. This drastic change made by Moses was unquestionably necessary to meet the condition into which his people had fallen. Moses changed nothing in conception, he simply made more emphatic how they must live their lives here on earth. He applied these laws to the living directly instead of to the dead. The ten commandments, however, are found in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu more than 70,000 years ago, only in the form of questions instead of commands.

But the Jews were not the only people who had a conception that their religious laws came directly from the Supreme God through some agent, and this may be so for we have no record who wrote the writings of Mu and it is distinctly stated they are Sacred and Inspired. Who was the inspired one? What was his name?

Diodorus Siculus says:

"The Egyptians claim that their religious laws were given to Menevis by Hermes.

"The Cretans held that their religious laws were given by Minos who received them from Zeus.

"The Lycedaemonians claimed that theirs were the gift of Apollon to Lykurgus.

p. 116

"The Aryans were given theirs by Zathraustes who received them from the Good Spirit.

"The Getae claim that Zamolxis obtained theirs from the goddess Hestia.

"The Jews claim that Moses received theirs from Iao."

The inscriptions on the old Akkadian ruins of Babylonia, clearly express the feelings and ideas of these people 10,000 to 15,000 years ago about man and the creation. They believed man was a special creation and showed how he came into being. They clearly indicate that God was the Creator and that His Forces control the Universe and all therein. This is corroborated by the Sacred Inspired Writings, the writings on the Mexican Tablets, and the cliff writings of North America. All support the fact that the first religion was pure Monotheism, that the Creator created all things and today is controlling the Universe with all the life throughout it.

Writings from western Thebes by one Amenemopet (Priest) are word for word the same as the Proverbs written by Solomon. These writings are dated several hundreds of years before Solomon was born.

Solomon was a scholar and reproduced these wonderful epics. Further, it is clearly shown that besides being a Jew he was an Osirian--the building of his temple showed it. Wherever possible in its construction, Solomon carried out the most minute details, shown in the symbolical Hall of Truth, Osiris presiding.

The Porch especially is noteworthy, for it has the two

p. 117

pillars with identically the same names and the same decorative ornamentations.

Without question Solomon knew and appreciated that his religion was nothing more or less than the Pure Osirian religion, arranged and modified to suit the people of his times.

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