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The Occult Records

But enough space has now been devoted to the fragments of evidence--all more or less convincing--which the world so far has been in possession of. Those interested in pursuing any special line of investigation are referred to the various works above named or quoted.

The subject in hand must now be dealt with. Drawn as they have been from contemporary records which were compiled in and handed down through the ages we have to deal with, the facts here collected are based upon no assumption or conjecture. The writer may have failed fully to comprehend the facts, and so may have partially misstated them. But the original records are open for investigation to the duly qualified, and those who are disposed to undertake the necessary training may obtain the powers to check and verify.

But even were all the occult records open to our inspection, it should be realized how fragmentary must be the sketch that attempts to summarize in a few pages the history of races and of nations extending over at least many hundreds of thousands of years. However, any details on such a subject--disconnected though they are--must be new, and should therefore be interesting to the world at large.

Among the records above referred to there are maps of the world at various periods of its history and it has been the great privilege of the writer to be allowed to obtain copies--more or less complete--of four of these. All four represent Atlantis and the surrounding lands at different epochs of their history.

These epochs correspond approximately with the periods that lay between the catastrophes referred to above, and into the periods thus represented by the four maps the records of the Atlantean Race will naturally group themselves.

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