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Selestor's Men of Atlantis, by Clara Iza von Ravn, [1937], at

p. 7


Atlantis, "the submerged island," some speak of it as a continent, which for unnumbered generations has been considered a myth, must now be accepted by fair-minded archeologists and other scientists as a proven fact that such an island at one time did exist.

The wonderful amount of material, especially fossils of different kinds, relating to the island of Atlantis that were gathered by the Schliemanns, father and son, noted archeologists who devoted their lives to proving that such an island really did once exist. Other scientists of note working independently, or cooperating with the Schliemanns, have added their acquirements to the proof.

In his majestic and poetical language Selestor, to whom we are indebted for the contents of this book, has pictured for us the highly civilized state of Atlantis’ inhabitants, that in several sciences were even farther advanced than our nation is today, especially in mentonomy—a study of the mind.

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