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Note:--Readers of "A Dweller on Two Planets" will please remember that in the Atlantean or Poseid language the word-terminations conveyed grammatical number and gender. Thus the singular was indicated by the equivalent for "a," the plural by "i," feminine by "u," while the absence of this terminal indicated masculinity.

Aphaisism--equivalent for mesmerism, but not hypnotism.

Astika--a prince.

Bazix--the name of one of the weeks of the year.

Devachan--the life after death.

Ene--terminal signifying study or student.

Espeid--Eden, Edenic.

Incal--the sun; also the Supreme God.

Incaliz, or Incalix--High Priest.

Inclut--first, or Sunday (also Incalon).

Inithlon--college devoted to religious learning.

Ithlon--any building, like a house.

Incalithlon--the great Temple.

Lemurinus, Lemuria or Lemorus--a continent of which Australia is the largest remnant to-day.

Karma--consequences growing out of one's actions in former lives.

Maxin--the Unfed Light.

Mo--to thee.


Naim--combined telephone and telephote.

Navaz--the night; also Goddess of the Night; also secret forces of Nature.

Navazzimin--the country of departed souls.


Navamaxa--cremation furnaces for dead bodies.

Nosses--the moon.

Nossinithlon--insane asylum; [lit. a home for moon-struck persons.]

Nossura--mocking bird.

Pitach--a mountain peak.

Rai--Emperor or monarch, as Rai Gwauxln, pronounced Wallun.

Raina--a land governed; as the Raina of Gwauxln-Poseid.

Rainu [also Astiku]--a princess .

Su--be is gone.

Sattamun--desert, or wasted land.

Suernota--the Asian Continent.

Surada--to sing, or I sing.

Teka, or Teki--Poseid gold coin, value about $2.67.

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Vailx--an aerial ship.

Ven--a linear unit of about a mile.

Xanatithlon--conservatory for flowers.

Xio, or Xioq--science.

Xiorain--the self-government board of Xioqua.

Xioqene--science student.

Ystranavu--the star of evening; also, when used astronomically Phyristunar.

Zo--personal pronoun, possessive my or mine.

Rai--Emperor or monarch, as Rai Gwauxln, pronounced Wallun.

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