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Georgian Folk Tales

by Marjory Wardrop


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This is a short collection of folk tales from the nation of Georgia by Marjorie Wardrop. Wardrop also translated the Georgian author Rusthaveli's The Man in the Panther's Skin. Although many of the motifs of these stories are also found in European folklore, there are characters and plot elements which localize them in the central Asian area.

Title Page

Georgian Folk Tales

I. Master and Pupil (or the Devil Outwitted)
II. The Three Sisters and their Stepmother
III. The Good-for-nothing
IV. The Frog's Skin
V. Fate
VI Ghvthisavari (I am of God)
VII. The Serpent and the Peasant
VIII. Gulambara and Sulambara
IX. The Two Brothers
X. The Prince
XI. Conkiajgharuna
XII. Asphurtzela
XIII. The Shepherd and the Child of Fortune
XIV. The Two Thieves
XV. The Fox and the King's Son
XVI. The King and the Apple

II. Mingrelian Tales

I. The Three Precepts
II. Kazha-ndii
III. The Story of Geria, the Poor Man's Son
IV. The Prince who befriended the Beasts
V. The Cunning Old Man and the Demi
VI. Sanartia
VII. The Shepherd Judge
VIII. The Priest's youngest Son
Mingrelian Proverbs

III. Gurian Folk Tales

I. The Strong Man and the Dwarf
II. The Grasshopper and the Ant
III. The Countryman and the Merchant
IV. The King and the Sage
V. The King's Son
VI. Teeth and No-Teeth
VII. The Queen's Whim
VIII. The Fool's good Fortune
IX. Two Losses
X. The Story of Dervish
XI. The Father's Prophecy
XII. The Hermit Philosopher
XIII. The King's Counsellor
XIV. A Witty Answer