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The nectared cup the queen placed to his lips,
And o'er his heaving breast the nectar drips,
And now his arms are folded round his queen,
And her fond kisses he returns again;
And see! they bring to him his harp of gold,
And from its strings, sweet music as of old
His skilful hands wake through the sounding domes;
Oh, how his Song of Love wakes those dark rooms!

"My Queen of Love comes to my arms!
  Her faithful eyes have sought for me,
My Love comes to me with her charms;
  Let all the world now happy be!
      My queen has come again!

Forever, dearest, let me rest
  Upon the bosom of my queen!
Thy lips of love are honeyed best;
  Come! let us fly to bowering green!
        To our sweet bower again.

p. 101

O Love on Earth! O Love in Heaven!
  That dearest gift which gods have given,
Through all my soul let it be driven,
  And make my heart its dearest haven,
        For Love returns the kiss!

Oh! let me pillow there within
  Thy breast, and, oh, so sweetly rest,
My life anew shall there begin;
  On thy sweet charms, oh, let me feast!
        Life knows no sweeter bliss.

Oh, let me feast upon thy lips,
  As honey-bird the nectar sips,
And drink new rapture through my lips,
  As honey-bee its head thus drips
        In nectarine abyss!

O Love, sweet queen I my heart is thine!
  My Life I clasp within mine arms!
My fondest charmer, queen divine!
  My soul surrenders to thy charms,
        In bliss would fly away.

No dearer joy than this I want;
  If love is banished from that life
There bodyless, my soul would pant,
  And pine away in hopeless grief,
        If love be fled away.

If Love should bide and fold her wings
  In bowers of yonder gleaming skies,
Unmeaning then each bard oft sings
  Of bliss that lives on earth and dies,--
        I want such love as this.

I want thy form, thy loving breast,
  Mine arms of love surrounding thee,
And on thy bosom sweetly rest,
  Or else that world were dead to me.
        No other life is bliss.

p. 102

If it is thus, my queen, I go
  With joy to yonder blissful clime;
But if not so, then let me flow
  To soil and streams through changing time,
        To me would be more bliss.

For then, in blooming flowerets, I
  Could earth adorn, my soul delight,
And never thus on earth could die;
  For though I should be hid from sight,
        Would spring again with joy!

And sing as some sweet warbling bird,
  Or in the breezes wave as grain,
As yellow sun-birds there have whirred
  On earth, could I thus live again,
        That beauteous world enjoy!

'Mid safflower-fields or waving cane,
  Or in the honeysuckles lie,
In forms of life would breathe again,
  Enjoy Earth's sweetest revelry,
        And ever spring again!

Each life to me new joys would bring,
  In breast of beast or bird or flower,
In each new form new joys would spring,
  And happy, ever, Love would soar!
        Triumphant filled with joy!

In jujube or tamarisk
  Perhaps would come to life again,
Or in the form of fawns would frisk
  'Mid violets upon the plain;
        But I should live again!

And throb beneath the glistening dew,
  In bamboo tufts, or mango-trees,
In lotus bloom, and spring anew,
  In rose-tree bud, or such as these
      On Earth return again!

p. 103

And I should learn to love my mate,
  In beast or singing bird or flower,
For kiss of love in hope could wait;
  Perhaps I then would come that hour,
        In form I have again!

And love you say, my queen, is there-,
  Where I can breathe with life anew?
But is it so? My Love, beware!
  For some things oft are false, some true,
        But I thee trust again!

We fly away! from gates away!
  Oh, life of bliss! Oh, breath of balm!
With wings we tread the Silver Way,
  To trailing vines and feathery palm,
        To bower of love again."


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