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The Epic of Gilgamish, tr. by R. Campbell Thompson [1928], at

p. 7


P. 5 (Preface), l. 13, after "metre" add "except the twelfth which contains about half that number."

—, l. 15, read "name."

—, l. 36, and pp. 43—49, Siduri should perhaps be better described as "a seller of wine." Mr. Gadd suggests to me the old word "ale-wife."

P. 11, l. 48, read "(and)."

P. 15, add to note 1 "Or should the line be restored from Col. VI, ll. 16-17?"

—, l. 16, delete square bracket before "[all]."

P. 18, l. 14, delete dash at end of line.

P. 22, l. 5, add "(forsooth)," after the dash.

—, l. 21, read "friend."

P. 27, l. 46, read "Nippur."

P. 31, l. 3, read "seven mutilated."

P. 51, l. 87, for "2" read "3."

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