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The Chaldean Account of Genesis, by George Smith, [1876], at

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FRONTISPIECE, Photograph. Izdubar (Nimrod) in conflict with a lion, from an early Babylonian cylinder.

2. Reverse of inscribed terra cotta tablet, containing the account of the Deluge, showing the various fragments of which it is composed, 10.

3. Oannes and other Babylonian mythological figures, from cylinder, 39.

4. Composite animals, from cylinder, 41.

5. Fight between Merodach (Bel) and the dragon, to face p. i

6. Sacred tree or grove, with attendant cherubim, from Assyrian cylinder, 89.

7. Sacred tree, seated figure on each side and serpent in background, from an early Babylonian cylinder, 91.

8. Bel encountering the dragon, from Babylonian cylinder, 95.

9. Merodach or Bel armed for the conflict with the dragon, from Assyrian cylinder, 99.

10. Fight between Bel and the dragon, from Babylonian cylinder, 102.

11. Eagle-headed men, from Nimroud sculpture, to face

12. Sacred tree, attendant figures and eagle-headed men, from the seal of a Syrian chief, ninth century B.C., 106.

13. Men engaged in building, from Babylonian cylinder, 158.

14 and 15. Men engaged in building, from Babylonian cylinders, 159.

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16. View of Birs Nimrud, the supposed site of the Tower of Babel,162.

17. View of the Babil mound at Babylon, the site of the temple of Bel,163.

18. Tower in stages, from an Assyrian bas-relief,164.

19. Izdubar strangling a lion, from Khorsabad sculpture, to face p. vii

20. Migration of Eastern tribe, from early Babylonian cylinder,188.

21. Bowareyeh Mound at Warka (Erech), site of the temple of Ishtar,237.

22. Izdubar and Heabani in conflict with the lion and bull,239.

23. Izdubar, composite figures, and Hasisadra (Noah) in the ark, from early Babylonian cylinder,257.

24. Composite figures (scorpion men), from an Assyrian cylinder,262.

25. Hasisadra, or Noah, and Izdubar, from an early Babylonian cylinder,283.

26. Mugheir, the site of Ur of the Chaldees,297.

27. Oannes, from Nimroud sculpture, to face p. xv

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