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The Babylonian Legends of Creation, by E. A. Wallis Budge, [1921], at


125. Let the first comer take them and repeat them;

126. Let the wise man and the learned man meditate upon all of them;

127. The father shall repeat them to his son that he may lay hold upon them.

128. Let them (i.e., the names) open the ears of the shepherd and the herdsman. 53

129. Let [man] rejoice in Marduk, the Lord of the Gods,

130. That his land may be fertile and he himself abide in security.

131. His word is true, his command altereth not.

132. No god hath ever brought to the ground that which issueth from his mouth.

133. They (i.e., the gods) treated him with contempt, he turned not his back [in flight],

134. No god could resist his wrath at its height.

135. His heart is large, his bowels of mercy are great.

136. Of sin and wickedness before him ...

137. The first comer utters his complaint of humiliation before him.

[Lines 138-142 are too fragmentary to translate.]

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