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Pow-Wows, or Long Lost Friend, by John George Hoffman, [1820], at

p. 77



Arts and Remedies Contained in this Book.

Preface, to the first edition of this little Book 3

TESTIMONIALS of cures performed by the Author 6



A good remedy for hysterics 10

Another remedy for hysterics 10

A certain remedy to stop bleeding 10

A remedy to prevent falling away 10

Another remedy to be applied when anyone is sick 10

A good remedy for worms 11

A good remedy against slander 11

A good remedy for the colic 11

A good remedy for the fever 11

To attach a dog to a person 12

A very good remedy for palpitation of the heart 12

A precaution against injuries 12

To make a wand for searching for iron or water 12

How to obtain things desired 13

A sure way of catching fish 13

A safe remedy for various ulcers, etc 13

A good remedy for mortification and inflammation 13

To prevent malicious persons from doing injury 14

To destroy bots or worms in horses 14

p. 78

To cure the poll-evil in horses, in two or three applications. 14

A good remedy for wounds and burns 15

A good remedy for, the wild-fire 15

To stop pains or smarting in a wound 15

To destroy warts 15

To banish the whooping cough 15

Another remedy for whooping cough 15

A good way to stop bleeding 16

A good remedy for the toothache 16

How to walk and step securely in all cases 16

A very good remedy for the colic 16

To banish convulsive fevers 16

How to banish the fever 17

A very good plaster 17

To make a good eye-water 17

Remedy for white swelling 18

Remedy for epilepsy 18

Remedy for burns 18

To stop bleeding 18

Remedy to relieve pain 18

Remedy for the toothache 19

To remove bruises and pains 19

A remarkable passage from the book of Albertus Magnus 19

Another passage from the same 19

To cure fits or convulsions 19

Cure for the headache 20

To mend broken glass 20

To make cattle return to the same place 20

Another method of making cattle return 20

To prevent the Hessian fly from injuring wheat 20

To prevent cherries from ripening before Martinmas 21

Stinging nettles-good for banishing fears and fancies, and to cause fish to collect 21

Heliotrope, a means to prevent calumniation 21

To heal a sore mouth 21

p. 79

A good remedy for consumption 21

Swallow-wort: Its properties 22

For the hollow horn in cows 22.

Th destroy the wheal in the eye 22

To make hens lay many eggs 23

Words to be spoken while making divinatory wands 23

How to destroy a tape-worm 23

A good remedy for the bots in horses 23

How to cure a burn 23

To cure the bite of a snake 24

Security against mad dogs 24

To remove pain and heal wounds with three switches 24

Remedy for fever, worms and the colic 24

How to cure weakness of the limbs 25

Another remedy for weakness 25

To make horses that refuse their feed to eat again 25

A good method of destroying rats and mice 25

To cure any excrescence or wen on a horse 25

How to prepare a good eye-water 26

How to cause thieves to stand still 26

To cure the sweeney in horses 27

How to make molasses 27

To make good beer 27

Cure for the epilepsy 27

Another way to make cattle return home 27

a very good remedy to cure sores 27

a good cure for wounds 28

To make an oil out of paper, good for sore eyes 28

To destroy crab-lice 28

To prevent the worst kind of paper from blotting 28

a very good remedy for the gravel 28

a good remedy for those who cannot keep their water 29

To remove a wen during the crescent moon 29

To destroy field-mice and moles. 29

To remove a scum or skin from the eye 29

p. 80

For deafness, buzzing in the ear, etc. 29

To cause children to cut their teeth without pain 30

For vomiting and diarrhœa 30

To heal burns 30

A very good cure for weakness of the limbs, etc 30

For dysentery and diarrhœa 30

Cure for the toothache 30

Advice to pregnant women 31

Cure for the bite of a mad dog 31

A very good means to increase the growth of wool on sheep, and to prevent disease among them 32

A well-tried plaster to remove mortification 32

A good remedy for the poll-evil in horses 33

For the scurvy and sore throat 33

A very good plaster 33

To stop bleeding 33

Another way to stop bleeding, and to heal wounds 34

For gaining a lawful suit 34

For the swelling of cattle 34

An easy method of catching fish 34

A very good and safe remedy for the rheumatism 35

A good way to destroy worms in bee-hives 36

For making a paste to prevent gun-barrels from rusting 37

To make a wick which is never consumed 37

A morning prayer before entering upon a journey 37

A safe and approved means to be applied in time of fire and pestilence 38

To prevent conflagration 39

To prevent witches from bewitching cattle, and against bad men and evil spirits 40

To extinguish fire without water 40

To prevent bad people from getting among the cattle 40

Another method of stopping fire 41

How to fasten or spell-bind anything 41

Another way to spell-bind 41

p. 81

A benediction to prevent fire 41

How to relieve persons or animals after being bewitched 42

To protect houses and premises against sickness and theft 43

Against mishaps and dangers in the house 43

A direction for a gypsy sentence, etc. 43

Against evil spirits and all manner of witchcraft 43

Against swellings 44

How to treat a cow after the milk is taken from her 44

Against adversities, etc 44

Against danger and death 44

Another method of treating a sick cow 44

Against fevers 45

To spell-bind a thief 45

Another way to spell-bind thieves 46

To effect the same in less time 46

To release spell-bound persons 47

To compel a thief to return stolen goods 47

A benediction for all purposes 41

To win every game you engage in at cards 48

Against burns 48

Another remedy for burns 49

To protect cattle against witchcraft 48

How to tie up and heal wounds 48

To take the pain out of fresh wounds 49

A benediction against worms 49

Against every evil influence 49

To retain the right in a court of justice 49

To stop bleeding at any time 50

Another way to stop bleeding 50

Another similar prescription 50

Another still more certain way 50

A sign to keep back men and animals 51

Protection to house and hearth 51

A charm, to be carried about the person 51

To charm enemies, robbers and murderers 51

p. 82


A charm against fire-arms 52

Another for the same 52

Protection against weapons 52

A charm against shooting, etc 53

To charm guns and other arms 54

To prevent being cheated, charmed or bewitched 54

Another to effect the same 55

Another similar direction 55

Another similar direction 56

Another one like it 56

Another one like it 56

A very effective charm 57

A very safe and reliable charm 57

A good charm against thieves 57

How to recover stolen goods 57

A well-tried charm 58

Another against fire-arms 58

A charm to gain advantage over stronger persons 59

To destroy spring-tails or ground fleas 50

A benediction for and against all enemies 59

Another against sickness and misfortunes 60

The Talisman 61

To prevent anyone from killing game 62

To compel a thief to return stolen goods 62

A charm against powder and ball 63

Unlucky days 63

Concluding prayer 64

p. 83


A certain cure for epilepsy 65

A salve to heal up wounds 66

Peaches, their medical properties 66

Sweet oil, its virtues 66

Cure for the dropsy 68

Cure for the dropsy, said to be infallible 69

    ADDITIONAL--Cure for the dropsy, effectual 70

Remedy for the lockjaw 71

For the sting of a wasp or bee 72

Diarrhœa, mixture 72

Soap powders 72

To dye a madder red 72

To dye a fine scarlet red 72

To dye a permanent blue 73

To dye a green 73

Physic ball for horses 73

Physic for cattle 74

Sedative and worm ball 74

Astringent ball for looseness in horses 74

Mixture for ulcers and all foul sores 74

Yellow water in horses 74

A valuable recipe for galls-windgalls in horses 75

Wind-broken horses 75

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