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Pow-Wows, or Long Lost Friend, by John George Hoffman, [1820], at

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Which go to show at any time, that I, Hohman, have successfully applied the prescriptions of this book.

BENJAMIN STOUDT, the Son of a Lutheran schoolmaster, at Reading, suffered dreadfully from a wheal in the eye. In a little more than 24 hours this eye was as sound as the other one, by the aid I rendered him with the help of God, in the year 1817.

HENRY JORGER, residing in Reading, brought to me a boy who suffered extreme pain, caused by a wheal in the eye, in the year 1814. In a little more than 24 hours, I, with the help of God, have healed him.

JOHN BAYER, son of Jacob Bayer, now living near Reading, had an ulcer on his leg, which gave him great pain. I attended him, and in a short time the leg was well. This was in the year 1818.

LANDLIN GOTTWALD, formerly residing in Reading, had a severe pain in his one arm. In about 24 hours I cured his arm.

CATHARINE MECK, at that time in Alsace township, suffered very much from a wheal in the. eye. In a little more than 24 hours the eye was healed.

MR. SILVIS, of Reading, came to my house while engaged at the brewery of my neighbor. He felt great pain in the eye caused by a wheal. I cured his eye in a little more than 24 hours.

ANNA SNYDER, of Alsace township, had a severe pain in one of her fingers. In a little more than twenty-four hours she felt relieved.

MICHAEL HARTMAN, Jr., living in Alsace township, had a child with a very sore mouth. I attended it and

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in a little more than twenty-four hours it was well again.

JOHN BINGEMANN, at Ruscombmanor, Berks county, had a boy who burnt himself dreadfully. My wife came to that place in the fall of the year 1812. Mortification. had already set in--my wife had sympathy for it, and in a short time the mortification was banished. The boy was soon after perfectly cured and became well again. It was about the same time that my wife cured John Bingemann's wife of the wild-fire, which she had on a sore leg.

SUSANNA GOMBER had a severe pain in the head. In a short time I relieved her.

The wife of David Brecht also felt a severe pain in the head, and was relieved by me in a short time.

JOHN JUNKINS' daughter and daughter-in-law both suffered very much from pain in the head; and his wife too had a sore check, on which the wild-fire had broken out severely. The headache of the daughter and the daughter-in-law- was banished by me; and the wild-fire, of the wife was cured in some seven or nine hours. The swelled cheek burst open and healed very fast. The woman had been laid up several days already on account of it. The family of Junkins live at Nackenmixen, but Brecht and Gomber reside in and near Reading. Nackenmixen is in Bucks county. The four last mentioned were cured in the year 1819.

The daughter of John Arnold scalded herself with boiling coffee; the handle of the pot broke off while she was pouring out coffee, and the coffee ran over the arm and burnt it severely. I was present and witnessed the accident. I banished the burning; the arm did not get sore at all, and healed in a short time. This was in the year 1815. Mr. Arnold lived near Lebanon, Lebanon county, Penn.

JACOB STOUFFER, at Heckak, Bucks county, had a

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little child who was subject to convulsions every hour. I sold him a book containing the 25 letters; and he was persuaded by his neighbor, Henry Frankenfield, to try these 25 letters. The result was that the child was instantaneously free from convulsions and perfectly well. These letters are also to be found in this book.

If any one of the above named witnesses, who have been cured by me and my wife through the help of God, dares to call me a liar, and deny having been relieved by us, although they have confessed that the) have been cured by us, I shall, if it is at all possible, compel them to repeat their confession before a Justice of the Peace.

A letter to cure rheumatism, sold at from one to two dollars, and, did not even give directions how to make use of it: these depending on verbal communications. John Allgaier, of Reading, had a very sore finger. I used sympathy to banish the wild-fire and to cure the finger. The very next morning the wild-fire was gone; he scarcely felt any pain, and the finger began to heal very fast. This was in 1819.

This book is partly derived from a work published by a Gypsy, and partly from secret writings, and collected with much pain and trouble, from all parts of the world, at different periods, by the author, John George Hohman. I did not wish to publish it; my wife, also, was opposed to its publication; but my compassion for my suffering fellow-men was too strong, for I had seen many a one lose his entire sight by a wheal, and his life or limb by mortification. And how dreadfully has many a woman suffered from mother-fits? And I therefore ask thee again, oh friend, male or female, is it not to my everlasting praise, that I have had such books printed? Do I not deserve the rewards of God for it? Where else is the physician that could cure these diseases? Besides that I am a poor man in needy circumstances,

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and it is a help to me if I can make a little money with the sale of my books.

The Lord bless the beginning and the end of this little work, and be with us, that we may not misuse it, and thus commit a heavy sin! The word misuse, means as much as to use it for anything unnecessary. God bless us! Amen. The word Amen means as much as that the Lord might bring to pass in reality what had. been asked for in prayer.



There are many in America who believe neither in a hell nor in a heaven; but in Germany there are not so many of these persons found. I, Hohman, ask: Who can immediately banish the wheal, or mortification? I reply, and I, Hohman, say: All this is done by the Lord. Therefore, a hell and a heaven must exist; and I think very little of any one who dares deny it.

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