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Coffee in the Gourd, ed. J. Frank Dobie [1923], at


Rebaptized in Ink

The Texas Folk-Lore Society since 1916

Texas Legends Number for 1924


"One Evening as I Sat Courting"--L. W. Payne, Jr.

Human Foundation Sacrifices in Balkan Ballads--Max Sylvius Handman

The Decline and Decadence of Folk Metaphor--W. H. Thomas

Indian Pictographs of the Big Bend in Texas (illustrated)--Victor J. Smith

The Cowboy Dance--John R. Craddock

Miscellany of Texas Folk-Lore--W. P. Webb

Brazos Bottom Philosophy--A. W. Eddins

The "Blues" as Folk Songs--Dorothy Scarborough

Customs among the German Descendants of Gillespie County--Julia Estill

Customs and Superstitions among Texas Mexicans--Florence Johnson Scott

Pedro and Pancho--Mary A. Sutherland

Weather Wisdom of the Texas-Mexican Border--J. Frank Dobie

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