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The verses which accompany the frontispiece to the first volume may be translated thus: The things that are in the realms above are also in the realms beneath; What heaven shews is oft found on earth. Fire and flowing water are contrary one to another; Happy thou, if thou canst unite them: let it suffice thee to know this!

The Cross on the title-page of "The Golden Tract" bears the following inscription: All Glory is a Birth in the Sand. The Stone unites in itself all blessings.

The Symbol at the end of the Preface contains, within the second circle, the names of the four elementary natures, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, and in the central circle the words—Marvel of Nature.

The inscription on the Emblem which accompanies the title page of "The Golden Age Restored" should be read thus: There are three marvels—God and Man—Mother and Virgin—Three and One. The Centre in the Triangle of the Centre.

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The Symbol which accompanies "The Book Alze" contains these words: Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectifying thou shalt find the Hidden Stone.

The inscription on the Symbol of the Seventh Key of Basil Valentine signifies: The Seal of Hermes. Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Water. The Salt of the Philosophers. That upon the Symbol of the Tenth Key: I am issued from Hermogenes. Hyperion elected me. Without Jamsuph I am compelled to perish.

In the second volume, the Diagram which accompanies "The Ordinal of Alchemy" may be explained as follows:

Mundus Archetypus = Archetypal World.

Deus Jehovah Bonum Infinitum = God Jehovah the Infinite Good.

ii. Angels.    iii. Ether.     iiii. Elements.

Bonum Finitum = finite Good.

Cælum = Heaven. Angeli = Angels. Stellæ = Stars.

Homo = Man. Meteor = Meteors. Aves = Birds.

Bestiæ = Beasts. Pisces = Fishes.

AER = Air. TERRA = Earth. AQUA = Water.

Planetæ = Planets. Lapides = Stones.

Metalla = Metals. Sal = Salt.

Infernalis = That which is under the earth.

Ignis = Fire. Procellæ = Winds. Inane = The Void.

Tenebræ = Darkness. Abyssus = Abyss.


The inscription on the Medal in the text of "The Golden Calf" reads: The Divine Metamorphosis exhibited at Prague, Jan. 15, 1648, in the presence of his most sacred Majesty, Ferdinand III. Nummi Crassities: The thickness of the Medal.