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Stolen Legacy, by George G. M. James, [1954], at

The author has also written the following pamphlets and articles:


1. Health Week In New Castle.

2. Intermarriage. Published in London, England.

3. Black People Under Germany. Published in New York.

4. The Need of a New Education for the Subject Peoples of the World. Published in Arkansas, U. S. A.

5. The Probable Causes of Religious Apathy in our Institutions of Higher Learning and the Proposal of a New Naturalism. Published in Arkansas, U. S. A.


1. The Church and the New Mentality.

2. Religion Is An Inductive and Progressive Science.

3. The Anti-Classical Wave.

4. The First Step In Negro Reconstruction.

5. Know Thyself. (A Series of 12 Articles) Published in the New York Age and the Zion Quarterly.

6. The Influence of Mathematics Upon the Mentality and Character of Students.

Published in the Georgia Herald.

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