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And it came to pass that Athlyi spake saying I shall be dragged about, mocked, scorned, and prosecuted because of this gospel, which the Lord, God of Ethiopia, has commanded unto you through me. Many of you who follow me this day will desert your shepherd because of fear. But blessed are the brave and faithful. They shall be ruler over rulers.

"Thine enemy shall shed your blood because of this Holy Piby, but the blood of thy veins shall richen the soil for the gospel. I am Messiah unto Ethiopia, therefore my word reign forever and ever.

I shall be cast into prison for your sake, but my spirit shall go out of jail and fight for Ethiopia.

"Nations shall perish because of my persecution, for I am not a mere man but a Messiah upon the earth. Whosoever persecuteth me, committeth a crime against the Holy Ghost, in which there is no forgiveness, therefore the consequence is hell eternal.

"The Athlyians, God's selected people, who are of never dying faith and perseverance shall p. 99 increase in power. Their women shall breed like rabbits and the Green Pasture shall aid in their protection. Verily the Athlyians shall be numberless upon the earth and the spirit of the Lord shall guide them."

And Athlyi spake saying, "It shall come to pass that the devil will make hollow ground in the pathway of the Athlyians, but they shall march upon him with the Holy Piby and he shall step back and fall into his own ditch.

"Verily I say unto you, if a hay stack can stop a blazing fire then shall the workers of the devil impede the advancing Athlyians whose development has no boundary but the mocker shall perish.

"Thou despiseth me when I was weak, now that I am strong, ye come? Verily, Verily, neither my milk nor my cream shall be for thee, but shall be for those who supported me in my tender age.

"Yea, it shall be said Athlyi, in spite of all obstacles, he climbed with the burdens of Ham, and when he reached the top, the Heaven and Earth shouted, Behold! He has conquered, and an angel of the Lord decended and crowned him."

La jobijem dilt ze larky, inty met. Zeth Athlyi.

And Athlyi spake saying, "Forgive twice but in the offence thou shalt not forgive."

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