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And it came to pass that the word of the Lord came to Athlyi saying, "Get thee into foreign countries and provide stars of the Law and of the gospel of the twentieth century."

"Go the way of the Atlantic and return by way of the Pacific," and Athlyi obeyed the Lord.

And when he was in the Strait of Magellan, the Lord spake to him saying:

"My holy house of Athlyi let her be of two wings, the Church to the right and a green pasture to the left.

"Let the Church teach and the green pasture to provide for the people; let the house of Athlyi be the director thereof, and I, the Lord, shall dwell in the house of Athlyi and give light to her wings, then shall the inhabitants of the earth know that I am the Lord God of Ethiopia.

"Let there be but one church of denomination upon the Law and the gospel commanded for the salvation of Ethiopia's generations.

"In entering the inner door of the Church let the people bow with reverence to the holy dictuary."

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Suffer no one to preach upon or in the dictuary save a teacher of the Law and a believer in the gospel commanded to the children of Ethiopia.

Let the people take interest in the apostles, but he that boost not the green pasture to provide for the people is not worthy of compensation.

Let the people give to the green pasture for their own good and for the welfare of their generations.

Oh Athlyians, love ye one another, forget not the assembling of yourselves together that no corruption gather between thee, for thou art the light and guide unto salvation; Let all the children of Ethiopia follow thee.

May the Lord God of Ethiopia watch between us whilst we are absent one from another. May he endow us with unity of spirit and anxious hearts to again assemble for the rise of falling humanity through the guidance of the house of Athlyi and in the name of one God, his Law and the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen.

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