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The following meeting after the Shepherd was confirmed, there came to him men and women to be concretized, and he concretized them with water.

And the Shepherd taught the form Solemnity feast, which the Christians call sacrament, and he taught the form of baptism also concretation and the period of concord according to the Athlican faith.

Let the people be baptized with water by submersion for the remission of their iniquities in the name of one God, his Holy Law and the Holy Ghost.

Let the people be concretized also with water that they be binded into one united band from one generation to another and let them pledge their lives loyally to the cause of actual work for the up building of Ethiopia and for the rescue of suffering humanity, suffer them to wash their hands against the slothful and fruitless life of the past. Then shall the parson give to them a hand of fellowship, bringing them forward into a new and ever productive life.

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Let the people assemble once a month on their knees before the altar at Solemnity feast, then shall the parson and ordained cleffs administer to them bread and water, saying "eat in remembrance of your pledge to God, yielding yourselves into actual work for the welfare of your generation through the up building of Ethiopia and for the rescue of suffering humanity.

Drink in remembrance of your baptism when thy sins hath been washed away, bid far the devil and his iniquities; arise and go in the name of one God, His Law and the Holy Ghost.

For as much as angel Douglas binded the heaven and earth for the rescue of Ethiopia and her posterities, suffer the children of Ethiopia to assemble for three days celebration, beginning from the setting of the sun on the twenty-ninth day of the seventh month unto the setting of the sun of the first day of the eighth month of the year, which shall be known throughout the world as the period of concord in accordance with the celestial and terrestrial concord led by the mighty angel Douglas.

Hear, oh generations of Ethiopia, for I, Athlyi, speak not as a mere man but with authority from the kingdom of God.

Verily, I say unto you, the first days of the concord thou shall not eat the flesh of any animals, p. 49 nor large fishes, neither shall ye drink of their blood or of their milk, thy victuals shall be of fowl and tiny fishes, devote thyself in communing with the Lord God of Ethiopia.

Be aware of improper conduct, for the angels of heaven are participating in the concord.

On the third day, which is the last day of concord, let there be a great feast and joviality among the people.

Let the atmosphere be teemed with balloons of colors carried in the hands of the people; let also the possessions of all Ethiopia's generations be adorned with the colors.

During the concord the house of Athlyi shall order the release of the people from all Athlican factories, or other enterprises so that they can commune with the Lord their God.

In time of concord let the Athlican ships fly the colors of the Great Negro Civilization where so ever they are; pray that the captains thereof are of the Athlican faith so as to celebrate concord in its fullness.

Hear ye, O generations of Ethiopia, for I, Athlyi, speak unto you, for as the Lord God of Ethiopia liveth, this is a serious affair which must not be forsaken.

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The Holy finger print of the Almighty God signed the issue in the name of His Majesty, His Law, and for the sake of suffering humanity.

And it came to pass that one of the newcomers into the Athlican Faith who sat in the midst of the audience spoke, saying, "May I ask his Holiness, what is the principal belief of the Athlyians?"

Straight-way the Shepherd answered saying, the fundamental belief of the Athlican faith is justice to all, but hear ye, also, the Athlyian's creed:

The Athlyian's Creed

We believe in one God, maker of all things, Father of Ethiopia and then in His Holy Law as it is written in the book Piby, the sincerity of Angel Douglas and the power of the Holy Ghost. We believe in one Shepherd Athlyi as an anointed apostle of the Lord our God, then in the Afro Athlican Constructive Church unto the most Holy House of Athlyi. We believe in the Freedom of Ethiopia and the maintenance of an efficient government recorded upon the catalog of nations in honor of her posterities and the glory of her God, the establishment of true love and the administration of Justice to all men, the p. 51 celebration of concord, the virtue of the Solemnity feast and in the form of baptism and concretation as taught by our Shepherd Athlyi.

We believe in the utilization of the power and blessings of God for the good of mankind, the creation of industries, the maintenance of colleges and the unity of force, then in the end when earth toil is over we shall be rewarded a place of rest in the kingdom of Heaven, thereto sing with the saints of Ethiopia, singing Hallelujah, hosanna to the Lord our God forever and ever Amen.

Then the Athlyians shouted "Hosanna to the Lord God, surely the Lord has sent us not only a Shepherd but a savior."

Straight-way the Shepherd Athlyi spake, saying "Upon those words the Afro Athlican Constructive Church stands firm over which the hosts of hell nor the armies of the earth shall not prevail."

And the Shepherd being full with the Holy Spirit recited from his heart saying: "Father, thou God of all, closer to thee even though afar we stray; thou hast called us back, now all in one we come, children in Africa: Closer, oh God, to thee; closer to thee."

And he began to tell his followers about the wonderful works of God; how he hath sent apostles of the twentieth century, to save Ethiopia p. 52 and her generations from the oppressive feet of the nations that they prove themselves fruitful for the good of their children and the glory of their God.

"Know ye that I am not the only one sent by the Lord our God to rescue the children of Ethiopia, for before me there were two others sent forth to prepare the minds of the people for the great things that shall come to pass.

"I saw an angel resembling a mighty Negro, and upon his head were horns of a great structure and on his breast was a map of life.

"I heard a great voice uttered from the end of the world saying, behold the map of the new Negroes, by this shall ye know the apostle of the twentieth century whom the Almighty God hath commanded to save Ethiopia and her posterities.

"At the sound of the mighty voice the structure descended from the head of the angel and stood upon the ground and the map surrounded it, then was the writing plain to be understood."

And the Shepherd showed the people a copy of the map, and said "Behold the map as I have seen it, straight-way at midnight I reproduce the mystery."

Then the Athlyians shouted for joy and the Shepherd spake with a loud voice saying "Thou sun that shines upon the waters of the utmost world, that gives light to the earth, stand thou still p. 53 over mountains of Africa and give light to her righteous armies."

Where are those? There is none to compare with the Athlyians in united spirits and a determination; a people, lovers of freedom and of justice, fearless of death.

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