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The Kebra Nagast, by E.A.W. Budge, [1922], at


And He shall answer and say unto them, "Why did [ye deny Me, and entreat Me evilly and crucify Me, seeing that] I did all this for you, and that by My coming down [from heaven] I delivered you from Satan and from the slavery of Satan, and that I came for your sakes? Look ye and see how ye pierced Me with nails I and thrust the spear through Me." And the Twelve Apostles shall be raised up, and they shall pass judgement upon them, and shall say unto them, "We would have made you hear, but ye would not hear the prophecy of the Prophets and the preaching of us the Apostles." And the Jews shall weep and repent when it shall be useless to do so, and they shall pass into everlasting punishment; and with the Devil, their father who had directed them, and his demons who had led them astray, and with the wicked they shall be shut in.

And those who have believed and who have been baptized in the Holy Trinity, and have received His Body and His Blood, shall become His servants with their whole heart, for "there is no one who can hate His Body altogether." The Body of Christ crieth out in our Body, and He hath compassion because of His Body and Blood, for they have become His sons and His brethren. And if there be some who have sinned they shall be judged in the fire according to the quantity of their sins; he whose burden of sin is light his punishment

Plate XXX. The Last Judgement
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Plate XXX. The Last Judgement

Plate XXX. The Last Judgement. God Almighty, holding a standard with flags attached to it, sits in the centre with His angels about Him. On His right are seated the blessed, clothed, and on His left are the damned in the form of naked men and women. At his feet lie "Diabolus, the lover of iniquity," and two other fiends

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shall be light, and he whose burden of sin is heavy, exceedingly great shall his punishment be. One day with God is as a period of ten thousand years; some there shall be who shall be punished for a day; and some for half a day, and some for three hours of a day, and some for one hour of a day; and some there shall be who shall be tested and who shall be absolved from their transgressions.

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