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The Kebra Nagast, by E.A.W. Budge, [1922], at


And therefore the children of Ishmael became kings over Tereb, and over Ḳebeṭ, and over Nôbâ, and Sôba, and Kuergue, and Kîfî, and Mâkâ, and Môrnâ, and Fînḳânâ, and ’Arsîbânâ, and Lîbâ, and Mase‘a, for they were the seed of Shem. And Isaac reigned over Judah and over ’Amôrêwôn, and over Kêṭêwôn, and ’Îyâbûsêwôn, and Fêrzêwôn, and ’Eêwêwôn, and Kêḳêdêwôn, and Rômyâ, and ’Anṣôkyâ (Antiochia), and Sôryâ (Syria), and Armenia, and Felesṭeêm (Palestine), and Ethiopia, and Edom, and Philistia, and Îyôâb, and Amalek, and Phrygia, and Babylon, and Yônânesṭ, and ’Ebrâyast. For as God sware He gave all kingdoms to the seed of Shem, and an exalted throne and dominion to the seed of Shem, even as his father Noah, by the word of God, blessed his son Shem, saying, "Be lord to thy brethren and reign over them." And this that he said had reference to the Redeemer, the King of us all, Jesus Christ the King of heaven and earth, Who magnifieth kings, and Who when He pleaseth abrogateth their power; for unto Him belong power and dominion over all created things for ever and ever. Amen.

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