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Duppy Stories.


Once a man was walking in the street on a night. He met a duppy. His teet' was like fire; so de man went to ask for a light, did not know it was duppy. So de duppy gash his teet' at him an' he run. So de duppy went on met him again. De man did not know it was him, went up wid a complain':--"See, sir, I meet a man jus' now, ask 'im for a light an' he gash his teet' at me!" De duppy grin his teet' again an' ask, "Teet' like dese?" an' de man run again.


Once a man was traveling in a dray packed with sugar. The molasses off the sugar was trailing underneath the dray. Two duppies came up and was sucking the molasses, an' say, "After the molasses so sweet, how is the sugar?" The drayman happened to hear it, wheeled his whip in the air an' give the duppy a good lick. Duppies ran off, crying, "Me dead one time, me dead one time, me can't dead two time!"


Once there was two duppies warming themselves over the fire. So one said to the other, "Cubba gwine to married." The other one said, "Cubba gwine to married? She don' have frock, she don' have coat. Shove fire, gi' me story!"


Once some duppies were in a house. A man was outside; the duppies didn't see him. So they peeped all through the window to look at the moon. They said, "The moon is pretty pretty!" Another one said it was wrong, so he said, "Norra you norra me can't talk it prop-prop!"


One man were going out upon an errand an' night catch him on de way. An' he see a horse an' lick de horse an' de horse go after him an' he was running. An' when catch de bridge, run under de bridge mash a Rolling Calf.[1] Said, "Masha masha no hurt me, but de frighten you frighten me!" Horse said de licky licky no hurt him, but de 'brute' him call him.

[1. 'Rolling Calf' is a duppy with fiery eyes and flames issuing from its nostrils. It drags a chain about its neck, the rattle of which strikes terror to night travellers.]

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